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      Preferential Zone
      Check out this section of the website for free gifts!
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      Flashsale Early Access
      Receive promotion information early and participate in flash sales before the rush!
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      Double Points in Birth Month
      During the month that you were born, get double the points! 1 CAD = 20 points
    • level
      Exclusive limited edition zone
      Certain exclusive limited-edition lights will only be offered at this zone
    • level
      Redemption zone
      Olight coins are earned based on your points. Redeem them for awesome items in this zone! As your Olight coin increase or decrease, this does not affect your level or related benefits. Your coin increase as the points increase when order placed
    • level
      Points Transfer
      Transfer points to friends and family accounts! If your points are less than the range of points required by the original level, your level and benefits will decrease. The recipient's loyalty points will increase, which may result in a loyalty level boost if the points correspond to a higher level.