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    ● Tactical & EDC: Max 1500 lumens output and 190 meters throw

    45 days runtime: 3500mAh battery+MCC3 magnetic charging

    ● Dual Switches: easy to operate

    ● Easy Carry: two-way pocket clip for easy carry



    Posted: March 29, 2021
    Author: Olight CA
    Valentine's Sale is coming! Are you ready to show your love to her?

    Valentine's Sale is coming!       

    OPen2 Blue Color, perfect for daily pocket carry.  Save Your Money CAD$19.99, and Enjoy Free Shipping!

    rechargeable led pen light

    ---Hi, Olight, I also want to send one Pen light to my sweetheart. Which way can help me save more money?

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    Wow, i5T EOS Brass High-End EDC Flashlights. WE need it!

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    ---Let us click i5T Brass+OPen2 Blue, a perfect pack(SAVE CAD$46.86) for your daily pocket carry!

    Posted: January 22, 2021
    Tags: rechargeable edc flashlight high-end edc flashlights rechargeable led pen light valentine's sale show your love
    Author: Olight CA
    Boxing Day

    Olight Boxing Day! UP TO 30% OFF!

    Posted: December 25, 2020
    Tags: 30% off boxing day m2r warrior x turbo s2r ii
    Author: Olight CA
    Merry Christmas

    Wish you and your family Merry Christmas!

    Thank you guys for your long-term support of Olight Canada!

    Posted: December 25, 2020
    Tags: merry christmas happy memories happy new year
    Author: Olight CA
    Free i1R2 EOS

    Free i1R 2 EOS KIT limited to 1 per person!

    Light and Tiny for everyday carry.

    Delivering 150 lumens output with a 40-meter beam.

    Note: i1R 2 EOS Micro USB charging cable is included.

    Posted: November 18, 2020
    Tags: keychain light edc flashlight
    Author: Olight CA
    Olight March New Arrivals Is COMING

           Olight March New Arrivals Is COMING!! Which one is your favourite? Nice! Want to learn more, please hurry to click here:



    Posted: March 14, 2021
    Tags: rechargeable edc flashlight march new arrivals flashsale i3t brass baton 3
    Author: Olight CA
    Have you already prepared the Christmas Gift?

    Have you already prepared the Christmas Gift

    Olight Christmas Sale, up to 40% OFF. Let us prepare perfect gift for our family or friends, save money together!

    tactical flashlight

    Posted: December 14, 2020
    Tags: tactical flashlight outdoor outdoor bulb light headlamp
    Author: Olight CA
    Throw a party? You can take a Freyr...

        You might be surprise that, what a Freyr can bring for your party?

        Let's begin with its outsatnding features. Freyr features multicolour and multipurpose. In addition to normal white light, the Freyr also comes with RGB lights to react correctly to every situation.



        So when throw a party, a Freyr can creat four colors for you, bringing your friends, family and you into a colorful world.

      From your point of view, how a Freyr color your life?



    To know a little more about Freyr, please click here to watch our description.

    Posted: March 05, 2021
    Tags: tactical flashlight freyr olight four colors rgb light throw a party intelligent proximity sensor multi coloured moonlight mode white led silicone traffic wand
    Author: Olight CA
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