10 Easy Ways to Earn FREE Gifts on this Black Friday

10 Easy Ways to Earn FREE Gifts on this Black Friday

Nov 18, 2021, 11:00:00

10 Easy Ways to Earn FREE Gifts

on this Black Friday




Hi, friends~

Are you still confused about how to get the free gifts on our Black Friday?

Let me show you some tips to get it easily.


1. Newcomer Gifts

If you are new friends, do not worry.

Please just try to <Register> and get your account first,

so that you could get 2 coupons in your cart automatically.

<2 Coupons: CAD$ 5 and   CAD$10 for newcomer coupon gift.>




Before the activity, we often notice fans who subscribe to our Newsletter.

You could always get the most favorable price and discount on our website.




2. Focus on our website’s Homepage


First, let’s log in to our website first:



Actually, we will always set the most favorite activities on the homepage.

FREE Gifts will be shown obviously on the Banner.

The relevant rules will be introduced in detail after you click the banner.




3. Take a look at the <Blog> Site

We will often put some giveaway activities during the flash sale.

Therefore, if you are interested in the relevant activities, please do not miss them.




4. Facebook Group Live video and group activities



We have loyal members in this group.

They will share wonderful posts of our products and you could get some better solutions on some issues if needed.

Come on, you will not get regret on it.




5. Tier Gift - Do not miss it

If your order reaches the relevant amount,

there is a free tier gift automatically added to your order.




6. Redemption Zone

If your O-coins reaches a level amount,

you could take a look at the Redemption Zone.

Therefore, you could get some mini gifts via O-coins.




7. Distribution Privilege

If you are interested in our website and want to share for more promotion,

here is a new kind of way - Distribution.

You could just share it with relevant channels.

If there are some friends click your link and place an order,

you could always get  5% of their order.

Also, the invitees will get  CAD$ 5 as a reward.

For newcomers, you will get CAD$ 5 

and  CAD$10 for the newcomer coupon gift.

The reward and the single are comer coupon could be used together.



8. The Lucky Wheel

During the Black Friday Sale,

we will open the Lucky Wheel for our friends.

Click here: https://www.olightstore.ca/flashsales.html

There are so many gifts for you freely.

If you share it with others via Facebook,

you could get another choice for a spin.



9. Newsletter Giveaway

There are 3 lucky members who could get our <Free Order Giveaway>

The relevant colleagues will choose it automatically,

Maybe you will be the lucky guy.



10. Potential Free Gifts in Some Bundles

Wolf Patch

Ti Whistle

Open Mini Orange

Obuddy (Blue Astronaut's Obub Bracket)


Warrior Mini Patch

O-hook ...

If you check our page in detail,

you could get many surprise on some settings.





Varieties kinds of gifts are waiting for you,

You could get it easily.




New Arrivals Drop for Black Friday!
Congratulations to All Yellow Diamond!



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John Lee

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Posted on: Nov 19, 2021, 08:48:54