Do you need me to keep your Olight Lights a Warm Home~

Do you need me to keep your Olight Lights a Warm Home~

Sep 02, 2021, 05:09:00

Hey, my name is Omino.

Do you know who I am?

If your answer is not, I will introduce myself to you one by one.


》》First, I am a helpful partner of the Olight lights

Yes, as you can see, I am not a light but necessary for my friends.

Can you see me?




》》Second, I am not only a charger, but also get some special functions:


* 4 Magnetic Charging Ports: 

For charging up to four Olight devices at the same time




* Easy Connection: 

Connects through USB charger with widely available USB Type-C cable




* Durable: 

High quality with robust aluminum bottom board, durable PC+ABS body, and anti-slip base mat



* Widely Spaced Outlets: 

Ample space between each port to reduce interference



》》Third, I have some limitations, because I am still so young and need to get improvement in the future.


* Due to size differences, I CANNOT charge for Olantern Series
* I am compatible with Olight flashlights charged via MCC 1A and MCC 3

* Non-Compatible Olight Products:

Olantern Series, PL-Mini 2, Baldr Mini, Baldr RL Mini, Valkyrie IR, Baldr S, Javelot Pro, and other Olight products not using the magnetic charging system.





》》Fourth, I have some warm information to you if you need. As you can see, I get 4 Indicator lights for my friends and they can know when I say Red, they still need to get more energy and wait for some time. If I say Bingo, Green, it means you can get ready for the next task at that time.






So ~ this is me. Although I am not a light, I keep them warm and full of energy.

Are you proud of me?


 Olight Omino Black


Some of the pictures are from our nice fans, please feel free to contact us if you do not want to show your pictures on our website.




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