[New Product]Olight Warrior 3S Titanium Tactical Flashlight in A New Black Stonewashed Finish

[New Product]Olight Warrior 3S Titanium Tactical Flashlight in A New Black Stonewashed Finish

The Olight Warrior 3S is a powerful tactical flashlight well-designed for a variety of outdoor adventures, emergency situations, and security work. Its solid construction allows it to withstand harsh environments and everyday use, so you can confidently depend on its robustness and reliability. The user interface of Flashlight is very simple and intuitive, making operation easier and faster.

The brightness of the Olight Warrior 3S is amazing, it can provide bright and uniform lighting effect, not only to illuminate the surrounding environment, but also to illuminate the target from a long distance. This balanced lighting effect is achieved through precise optical design and high-quality LED technology. At the same time, the flashlight also has a flash function, which can be used for self-protection or to attract the attention of others in critical moments.

In addition to excellent performance, Olight Warrior 3S also adopts a user-friendly design. For example, it is equipped with a tactical tail switch and a side button, which can freely choose the activation method according to the needs. In addition, the body of the flashlight is designed with two clip installation positions, which is convenient for users to carry according to their personal preferences. In addition, the flashlight is also equipped with a toothed striking edge, which enhances the ability to respond in self-defense or emergency situations.

Recently, Olight launched a new finish option to bring more choices to users. This new color finish has a great look and feel, making the flashlight even more stylish and unique. Whether for personal use or as a gift for friends or family, the Olight Warrior 3S is an excellent choice.

Black Stonewashed Titanium
The latest Limited Edition of the Warrior 3S features a captivating design crafted from titanium with a sleek blackened stonewashed finish. This new addition enhances the already impressive aesthetics of the tactical flashlight, giving it a rugged and stylish appearance. The manufacturing process behind achieving this exquisite finish is truly remarkable. Solid titanium is meticulously machined to precise dimensions and specifications, forming the body of the flashlight specifically tailored for the Warrior 3S model.
Warrior 3S Ti Black Stonewash Feature

● High-Quality Material: Crafted from Titanium Alloy, this flashlight offers exceptional strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

● Impressive Performance: With a maximum output of 1,850 lumens and a remarkable runtime of up to 55 days, this tactical light is ideal for hiking, camping, self-defense, and law enforcement purposes.

● Extended Runtime Tactical Flashlight: Boasting an impressive 55-day runtime, this flashlight is the perfect choice for hiking, camping, self-defense, and law enforcement needs!

● User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with 4-level battery and brightness indicators encircling the side switch, this flashlight provides real-time reminders at a glance.

● Enhanced Safety: Featuring a built-in proximity sensor (can be disabled by double-pressing the side switch within 5 seconds of auto-dimming), this flashlight automatically reduces brightness in high, turbo, or strobe mode to protect against nearby objects.

● Tactical Tail Switch: The two-stage tactical tail switch allows for quick action. A single press activates direct turbo or strobe mode, meeting your tactical requirements in various situations!

Technical Parameters

Product Name

Warrior 3S Black Stonewash

Body Material


Beam Distance

260 m

Max Performance

1850 lumens

Charging Type

MCC3 USB Magnetic Charging Cable

Compatible Batteries

Customized 3.6V 5000mAh 21700 Lithium-ion Battery

Max Light Intensity

16,900 Candela

Light Source

High Performance Cool White LED




Everyday Carry, Outdoors , Self-defense, Law Enforcement

After the construction process, a black PVD coating is carefully applied to the flashlight's body. Subsequently, the flashlights undergo a vibration grinding process known as "stone washing." This step enhances their visual appeal and texture. To complete the overall look, an anti-fingerprint oil is delicately applied to the surface of each light. The outcome is truly stunning, presenting a robust and long-lasting body. The assembled light exhibits an amazing final appearance that aligns perfectly with tactical expectations. The attention to detail is evident, with a matching dark grey and weathered clip and strike bezel. Over time, the blackened stonewash finish is expected to develop a unique patina, further enhancing its charm. Moreover, this new color option is anticipated to complement various weapons seamlessly when mounted.

Recap of the Specifications

It is worth mentioning that, similar to the previous Five Elements editions, the Titanium editions of the Warrior 3S will have slightly lower performance specifications compared to their Aluminum and Copper counterparts. This variation in performance can be attributed to titanium's heat-dissipative properties, which differ from other materials. Despite this, the Titanium Warrior 3S in the black stonewash finish still delivers an impressive level of performance for a tactical flashlight. With a maximum output of 1,850 lumens, it provides abundant brightness suitable for nearly all scenarios. Additionally, it maintains the exceptional balance between spill and spot illumination, making it an excellent choice for weapon mounting.

The Titanium Warrior 3S in the black stonewash finish offers a total of 6 modes, encompassing both moonlight and strobe functions, providing versatility for various usage scenarios. Although it weighs slightly more than the aluminum version, it remains relatively lightweight, tipping the scales at just over 7.5 ounces, including the battery. This makes it an ideal choice for everyday carry, offering convenience and portability. Moreover, it offers multiple carry options, as it comes with a holster and a clip that can be easily repositioned according to your personal preference.

Like all versions of the Warrior 3S, this Titanium edition features a smart proximity sensor that enhances safety. If desired, the proximity sensor can be disabled by double-pressing the side switch within 5 seconds after it automatically dims. Furthermore, the side switch bezel is equipped with light indicators for power settings and battery life, providing convenient visual cues. Lastly, the tail switch can be programmed to activate either the turbo or strobe mode, allowing for customized functionality.

Final Thoughts

The Warrior 3S is an exceptional tactical flashlight that excels in everyday carry scenarios. It is well-suited for a range of applications, including law enforcement, hunting, recreational camping, and hiking. The limited-edition Titanium model, with its blackened stonewashed finish, not only boasts an appealing appearance but also offers a satisfying grip. The rugged and weathered aesthetic perfectly complements the overall tactical look and feel of the flashlight. Its greyish-to-black color scheme allows for seamless coordination with a variety of weapons if you choose to mount it using the optional E-WM25 mounting hardware. Whether you are a collector, a frequent user, or a first-time buyer, this edition of the Warrior 3S is a must-have addition to your flashlight collection.

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