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[New Product]PL-3R RechargeableTactical Light

[New Product]PL-3R RechargeableTactical Light

Apr 18, 2023, 08:00:00

The PL-3R Valkyrie is a rail mounted light with an adjustable sliding Key-block, the rechargeable version of PL-3. Powered by 900mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery, it has a maximum output of 1,500 Lumens and a throw of 205 meters.

PL-3R Rechargeable Tactical Light Features

High Performance & Memory Function

Compared to the PL-3 Valkyrie, light output is now 1,500 Lumens max, an increase of 15%. This is complemented by a 300-lumen low setting that is useful in a variety of scenarios. Also, the light memorizes the brightness level it was on when turned off. When you turn the light back on, it will revert to the last used setting, making use easier and more convenient.

Compatible with Long and Short Builds

PL-3R Valkyrie is compatible with almost all short build rails, thanks to the included 1913 and GL adapters. It's also compatible with Picatinny railed long-range builds,as the PL-3R Valkyrie magnetic charging port can be magnetically connected to a remote pressure switch (not included).

Free Switching BetweenTwo Highest Brightness Levels

Switch the high brightness level between High1 (1500lm) and High2 (1000lm) by programming the maximum brightness wanted at any time.

Secure Screw Locking Mechanism

Simply unlock the screw locking device by handwith a hex wrench, or using a coin, then push it in and slide the Key-block to position the light for the best fit. When the installation is complete, the light will remain stably mounted shot after shot.

Adjustable Sliding Key-Block

This sliding Key-block allows for more flexible positioning of the light on the rail, making it compatible with a wider range of builds.

Quick Operation

Instant access to on/off andstrobe with its ambidextrous switches, allowing you to operate the light with either hand without breaking your grip.

Two Rail Adapters Included

Attach securely to both Picatinny and Glock accessory rails.

GL Rail Adapter

1913 Rail Adapter

Easy Magnetic Charging

Snap on and start charging.

Anti-dislodging Magnetic Charging Port

The upgraded magnetic charging port is more closely coupled with the remote pressure switch, making the attachment firmer and more secure, allowing you to better focus on the target when shooting.

Compatible Builds

In conclusion

Compared to the PL-3, its light output has been increased by 15%, making it suitable for target practice, self-defense, and law enforcement. This is also supplemented by a 300-lumen low setting that can be used in more situations. In addition, the users can switch the high brightness level between High1 (1500lm) and High2 (1000lm) by programming the maximum brightness they want at any time. The Key-block on the rail mount can be adjusted to position the light on the rail, making it compatible with a wider range of builds. A new setscrew provides a more solid mount and facilitates easy disassembly. The magnetic charging port of the PL-3R can be magnetically connected to the remote pressure switch, which makes the PL-3R also suitable for Picatinny rails on long or short builds. High brightness and powerful performance, providing professional users with a quality choice.

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