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Olight EDC flashlight keeps MCC charging and AA batteries for our different demands. If you want to keep your trip outdoor without a power bank, then our I series will fit your need, such as i5T or i3E. If you support green new energy, our rechargeable Baton 3 and i5R will be perfect for you. Anything from 120 lumens to 2000 lumens will typically get the job done. Even with their compact size, Olight EDC flashlights don’t compromise their high lumen capacity. Comfortable, portable, and high-performing, Olight EDC flashlights are an optimal lighting source to easily keep on hand throughout the day in case of an emergency. The Obulb series will light up you and your kids' night during sleep. Open series will light up your writing trip or work during the night. Our rechargeable pocket flashlight will always stand by your side.


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