Frequently Asked Questions

Order Status

What does the status <Pending/ Payment Review/ Processing/ Shipped/ Cancelled/ Closed> mean in this new Website?
How can I go smoothly on new website?

Flash Sale Related

Need to change items after placing an order
Are the free gifts stackable?
Why I cannot find any accessories during flash sales?

Orders Issues

Order Tracking
Why my order still shows awaiting payment/canceled but the money was taken from my account?
My order is in transit for several days.
Not received the order confirmation email
Why is the shipment status still pre-shipment?
Missing item

Flashlights Related

My flashlight does not turn on or charge—Possible cause/solutions
The lens of my light was foggy after shooting several times-- Cause/solutions/Prevention
How can I make the flashlight enter lockout/ unlock mode?
How to switch between different program configurations?
Can I put the light on the charger all the time?
My flashlight automatically turns off sometimes-- Possible cause/solutions
My flashlight will not access Turbo mode-- Possible cause/solutions
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