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FITS: OLIGHT S1R / S1R II / S2R / S2R II / S30R III / H1R / H2R / M2R / WARRIOR X / Seeker 2 Pro

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An accessory engineered for OLIGHT’s flashlights and headlamps, the magnetic charging dock provides you an alternate handily charging way by fixing it close to wall sockets.

The L-Dock Kit are compatible with S1R / S1R II / S2R / S2R II / S30R III / H1R / H2R / M2R / WARRIOR X / Seeker 2 Pro.

Lights that are compatible with L-Dock


Manufacturer recommendation: Install on a flat and high-density surface, mounted in the shape of an inverted "L". When charging, the flashlight and L-Dock should be setup away from high traffic areas in order to avoid being knocked loose and damaging the light or L-dock. The included MCC is 1.2 meters long to allow for easier mounting locations near a power source.

Tools: Phillips head screwdriver, drill ( 6mm head diameter ), hammer.

Note: 1. The drill and hammer are only used on cement or a ceramic tile wall. If you install it on wood surface, please skip the 1, 2 steps. 2. The 3M tape on the back of L-dock is just for auxiliary installation, can not be used for a long time. 

1. DO NOT drill holes in the area where electrical cables may be behind. This may result in damage to the wiring, electric shock or the risk of injury or even death.
2. DO NOT directly attach the L-dock to the wall with 3M tape. Its adhesive strength is not powerful enough to last for a long time, the product may fall down after a period of time.
3. DO NOT install in places that are above fragile objects or surfaces, heavy objects, or people and pets. If it is mounted or used carelessly, the flashlight may fall off magnetic base and cause damage or injury.
4. DO NOT install in flammable and explosive places, such as oil stations, gas stations, mining sites, dust or metal workshops.
5. Keep out of reach of children.

1.Not suitable for bumpy environments, such as in a car.



Size: 30*43*61mm / 1.18*1.69*2.4in
Weight: 25g / 0.88oz
Color: Black

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  1. GOOD!
    This is my 10th Olight I have purchased and do not regret buying any up them

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