Watch the video below to know more details about Baldr Pro R  

✔ The BALDR Pro R is the new rechargeable flagship product of the Baldr Series. 

✔ It boasts a white light of max 1,350 lumens like the  Baldr Pro, but also adds a GL beam (<5mW) for quick and accurate aiming.  

✔ The GL beam emitter is integrated into the head of the  light. This design leaves room for the charging port on the bottom of the light and supports a remote pressure switch. 

✔ The selector ring around the head allows you to easily choose between white light only, white light & GL beam  combo or GL beam only. 

✔ Powered by a  3.6V 1000mAh lithium polymer battery that can be recharged via the magnetic charging cable, this WML runs up to 93 minutes after  being fully charged. 

✔ The Baldr Pro R includes two types of rail adapters to fit both Glock and Picatinny rails. With the quick-install  system, you can easily attach and detach the light to your self-defense setups.

 ✔ The well-tested adjustable screws allow for easy  zeroing and can withstand strong impacts without loosening.

✔ The ambidextrous rear switches allow for quick on/off or direct access  to strobe. 

✔ Powerful, precise, and versatile, the Baldr Pro R is an ideal addition to your setups.

Note: Please unlock it before using. 

Unlock: Press the two buttons at the same time (for more than 2 seconds) until the output brightness becomes ( LED, LED&LASER option), then the light is unlocked.