Baton3 Premium Edition Four Seasons & Eternal

A meaningful upgrade from the S1R Baton II, our currently most popular pocket light.


With violets blooming, the garden is full of life.

Explore new things, even when the sun has set.


Under the starlit sky, beside the palm trees.

Go out and create your summer story.


Maple leaves, fruits, pumpkins, and turkey.

Celebrate the rich harvest around a campfire.


Drifting snowflakes in the crisp air.

The wild is pure and serene.  

Take brave steps to see rare beauty.


Every day is an adventure.

Embrace the changes and cycles in your life.

Therein hides the light to eternity.

Story: Etching on Titanium and Copper


It is a daunting task to etch the Baton 3 seasons and eternal. First, the cylindrical body of the flashlight makes it hard to get the right etching patterns. Second, most suppliers simply haven’t etched titanium and cooper before.


Many of our suppliers have professional, high-end equipment. But when we brought the cases to them, they flinched. But we didn’t give up. In fact, we revised the design diagram more than 100 times to get it correct. Then, nobody knew which enchant works on titanium. So, we tried 30 enchants and picked out the one that works the best.


Luckily, all those trials and errors paid off, and now we bring the state-of-art Baton 3 seasons and eternal to our customers.


1. Q: What charger can be used for Baton 3?

A: MCC1A and MCC3 are both compatible. However, there is no difference between using MCC3 and MCC1A in terms of charging rate as the current for both is 1A.

2. Q: Will Baton 3 fit with CR123A?

A: Unfortunately, they won’t fit. Please do not put CR123A in Baton 3 and charge it, otherwise there will be a potential risk of explosion.

3. Q: What’s the difference between Baton3 and S1RII?

A: The Baton 3 is the upgraded version of S1R Baton II. It delivers a huge output of 1,200 lumens, a 20% brightness increase. And the throw ups to 166meters, a 14% increase over the S1R Baton II. Moreover, the runtime of Baton 3 increases when it is compared with S1R Baton II.

4. Q:What do I need to pay attention to when I use the wireless charger?

A: Please do not remove the clip of Baton 3 and put the item into the charging box because the design of the box is consistent with the shape of the clip. If the clip is removed, Baton 3 may be put in the wrong way in the charging case and difficult to get it out.

5. Q        Can I use wireless charger with S1RII?    

A: S1RII is not compatible with the closing and shutting down function, which cannot be shut down by closing the charging case like Baton 3. It should be shut down instead of turning on when put in the charging case.

6. Q: The charging case has a built-in 3500mAh battery, and the battery in Baton 3 is  550mah. Why can the charging case only charge baton 3.7 times?

A: The battery will be worn out when charging, so it can only be charged 3.7 times.


General Data
Beam Distance (ft)
544 ft
Beam Distance (m)
166 m
Max. Performance (lumens)
1,200 lumens
Charging Type
Type-C USB Charging Cable
Compatible Batteries
Customized 550mAh 3.7V IMR 16340 Rechargeable Battery
Max Light Intensity (Candela)
6,889 candela
Light Mode
Side Switch
Light Source
High Performance CW LED
Form/Size Factor
Small Size (Car key / Zippo Lighter)
Series Baton (EDC, General Use)
Lighting Levels
Light Mode 1 (lumens)
1,200~300 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 1
1.5 minutes + 75 minutes
Light Mode 2 (lumens)
300 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 2
95 minutes
Light Mode 3 (lumens)
60 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 3
7.5 hours
Light Mode 4 (lumens)
12 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 4
33 hours
Light Mode 5 (lumens)
0.5 lumen
Run-time LEVEL 5
20 days
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My favourite Olight product is the series of baton 3's. They are not only compact and very powerful, but also each one is a piece of artwork. The quality and attention to detail catches everyones eye.


Apr 18, 2022, 15:40:57

I love the Baton 3 but my favourite one is the Olight Baton 3 Premium Edition Eternal. The copper's look and touch are just incredible !!!


Apr 19, 2022, 04:57:27

My Favorite Olight Product has to be the Warrior Mini line. The original WM was my first introduction to the larger lights that Olight sells and has been a staple in my rotation ever since. I've since shared WMs with family and friends so they to can experience the amazing lights that Olight makes. Recently Olight released the WM2. An upgraded version of the amazing original. How could I say no to these! Lol... I now own a few of those and have added them to my rotation as well. My favourite one so far is the personalized friendship Ti version I got recently. It's the first flashlight that has my name on it! Lol... It's an awesome and touching gift to get and shows that Olight cares about their customers! Recently Olight started branching out to other EDC related gear. Unfortunately some of the items aren't available her yet, but the new Opry is one that is. It's a great pry tool that hits well above its price point with a lot of included features! I'm happy I was able to get one!


Apr 19, 2022, 09:35:36

Picking a single favourite Olight is tough. If pressed, I would have to choose the Baton 3, essentially because it's the latest variant of my favourite "type" of Olight - the small 16340/CR123 Baton series of lights. Incredibly bright and very tiny, they are awesome for collecting but also for carrying/using. However, I am a huge fan of the entire small baton series. S1 series in all its iterations, from the beginning to the S1R Baton II. The elegant and even tinier S-Mini's. The S10 series. As a family, these lights are just amazing. So much power in a light that's smaller than my thumb! Just check out the Baton 3 beamshot! For the Baton 3's, I posted engraved models, but I love the knurled ones as well. I first began buying and collecting Olights a few years ago, when the S1R II was the current model. So pocket friendly and so powerful, but also beautiful. I keep adding to my collection! Also, the Warrior Mini 2 is rapidly becoming my favourite medium sized Olight series!


Apr 20, 2022, 18:18:31

Wish the housing was a little more robust but the light is awesome and the battery life 94 days in a pinch that’s incredible.

Color: Autumn


Dec 31, 2021, 20:49:48

Great light. I thought that the case was metal, but it is plastic. Still handy for recharging the light when no outlet is available.

Color: Eternal


Dec 20, 2021, 17:44:28

Nice job Olight! I really like from my Special Edition Baton 3, the Spring one I got is really Kool...I received all my items, saving for Christmas presents.Thanks for fast delivery...

Color: Spring


Dec 18, 2021, 19:12:36

Favorable Comments

Color: Autumn


Dec 12, 2021, 01:00:28

Hefty quality feel to the weight and finish. One small thing, when I screwed back-on the cap after removing the green battery protector, the O-ring gasket caught and was spilling ok

Color: Winter


Dec 07, 2021, 17:26:34

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