The Nightour is an aluminum table lamp that combines a multi-color light stem and a detachable lamphead.The RGB LEDs support 256-color gradient rotation that is just gorgeous. Both the warm white light and RGB light can be customized and stepless-adjusted by flipping the metal two-way toggle switch at the bottom.

The Nightour is also equipped with a detachable lamphead. You can attach it to the magnetic charging port at the top of the lamp, or simply hold it in your hand like a flashlight. With the lamphead attached, the Nightour will morph into a great table light that can be tilted 90 degrees freely. When using the lamphead as a handheld flashlight, you can turn it on/off with double shakes.

Both the light stem and lamphead have built-in batteries.  Both of the batteries will be recharged when the lamp is connected to a USB power source by a USB-C cable. This innovative lamp boasts a lightweight aluminum build and a space-saving suction pad base. You can place it on any table or any flat surface securely. Useful, modern, and creative, the Nightour will transform your home the moment it’s turned on.

i3E CU

✔ The i3E is an extremely compact flashlight with maximum 90-lumen output, all running off of a single AAA battery.

✔ The i3E flashlight features a high-performance Philips LUXEON TX LED and a PMMA TIR lens that focuses the light to reach a distance of 44 meters.

✔ The versatile i3E fits easily into a pocket or bag and can be connected to a keychain without adding significant bulk to your keys. Plus its slim smooth design that won't wear on your clothing or purse.

✔ It is the perfect choice for a small, bright, and affordable light to take with you anywhere.

i3E small keychain flashlight LEDi3E small flashlight advantages

Obulb Pro

*To activate your new Obulb Pro for the first time, charge it with an MCC charging cable.

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