The Perun 2 is an upgraded version of the Perun. Compared with the Perun, it is a more powerful and reliable illumination tool for multiple activities in the darkness.

Perun 2 Best Headlamp

✔ Power Enhanced

Customized 4000mAh 21700 rechargeable battery with a maximum output of 2,500 lumens, 25% brighter than the Perun.

perun 2  Power Enhanced

✔ Improved Charging

Incredible MCC3 cable with a charging current up to 2A, increasing charging speed by 33%.

perun 2 Improved Charging

✔ Proximity Protection

The built-in proximity sensor will reduce the brightness for protection when it detects an obstruction nearby.

perun 2 Proximity Protection

✔ Enhanced Hands-free Convenience

Featuring a magnetic base, durable headband, and firm pocket clip for a variety of hands-free uses.

perun 2 Enhanced Hands-free Convenience

✔ Right-Angle Illumination

The intuitive operation provides a convenient experience for different applications and a compact body for easy carrying.

Perun 2 headlamp Right-Angle Illumination



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