Born to Take Challenges

IPX7 waterproofed, any serious cycling demands and challenging riding conditions will be fulfilled.

RN1500 Bike Headlight IPX7

 The Monster in the Dark

Delivering a maximum output of 1,500 lumens and 164-meters long-distance, RN 1500 is the only shining monster in the dark.

RN1500 Light up your night

RN1500 Multi-application Usage

✔ High-Efficiency Optical Lens

High-efficiency optical lens, the maximum 1,500 lumens output is ensured to work on any serious conditions. The condisderable side lighting design also provides riders with more attention.

RN1500 Bike Headlight High Efficiency

✔ Anti-Glare Beam Light

To reduce visual distractions for motorists, cyclists or pedestrians, the Anti-Glare light is distributed to a safe cut-off line.

RN1500 Bike Headlight Anti-Glare Beam Light

✔ USB-C Charging & Discharging Port

The new introduced USB-C charging and discharging integration port brings riders an easy and convenient charging experience.

RN1500 Bike Headlight USB-C Charging

✔ Power Beyond Its Size

Comes with a high capacity 21700 battery with 5000 mAh superior power. With the 12.5 hours max run time, RN 1500 will be your only powerful, reliable companion in the dark.

RN1500 Bike Headlight Small but Powerful RN1500 Technical Details




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