✔ Smart, Small and Safe
RN 180 TL is a new bike tail light. With a highly transparent lighting strip design, the max output can reach up to 180 lumens. It will protect you day and night.

✔ Sensitive Ambient Light Sensor
Built-in with the latest light and motion sensors, when a rider has engaged in a sudden stop, RN 180 TL can detect and will increase its output to 180 lumens in a frenzy of flashes, warning fellow travelers and motorists. With the same sensors, the tail light enters into a sleep mode to save power after one minute of inaction. Any movement will immediately re-activate the unit.

✔ Multiple Applications
RN 180 TL can be used for road cycling, urban riding and daily commuting and so on.

✔ Easy To Mount
With the versatile mounting strap RUN 180 TL is easy to be mounted under saddles or onto different seat posts.

✔ Smart Battery Indicator
At standby mode, click the power button to activate the battery indicator for 3s.


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