The S2R Baton II has a compact build for easy grip and portability.

The light can produce a maximum output of 1,150 lumens including an upgraded TIR lens that produces a perfectly balanced beam. It has several modes to choose from including three standard modes, turbo, moonlight, and strobe.

The S2R Baton II features a battery indicator located on the side switch so you always know when to charge.

The S2R Baton II also features a dual direction pocket clip for enhanced everyday carry.


  • CW LED with a maximum output of 1,150 lumens.

  • Includes a 3200mAh 18650 rechargeable lithium battery which is charged magnetically through the tailcap charging cable.

  • Features a battery indicator located on the side switch so you know when to charge. Indicator glowing green (Battery remaining>=70 % ), indicator glowing yellow(Battery remaining 15-70%), indicator glowing red (Battery remaining<=15%).

  • Portable faster charging MCC 1A USB charging cable provided in the package.

  • Brand-new TIR lens design producing a perfectly balanced beam.

  • Flat tail-cap with a strong magnet allowing the ability to use as a hands-free work light.

  • Multi-function side switch with five brightness levels, plus a strobe mode.


The i5T Plus is a tail switch EDC flashlight with multiple options. Two patterns, three LED color temperatures, and four body colors are available to customize the EDC light in your own style. The double helix knurling and pebble etching are exquisite and provide a solid grip. Flashlight models with three color temperatures support you at different tasks: cool white, neutral white and warm white. Meanwhile, you can choose from black, blue, orange, and OD green for the body according to your preference. Its high-performance LED, paired with a PMMA optical lens, produces a beam of 550 lumens or 15 lumens. With the doubled battery power compared to the i5T, its runtime reaches up to 54 hours. It also features a two-way pocket clip that can be easily clipped onto a pocket or backpack strap for hands-free use. Powerful and with many options, the i5T Plus is a great EDC light to help you complete everyday tasks.

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