Seeker 2 Pro

The Seeker 2 Pro  is a powerful, rechargeable side-switch LED flashlight, providing you a new flagship-level illumination experience.

 Compact and Powerful

Seeker 2 Pro is a powerful, rechargeable side-switch LED flashlight. The Seeker 2 Pro incredibly delivers a maximum output of 3,200 lumens and a long beam of 250 meters. 

✔ Visual Display Indicators

The four indicators on the right side clearly display the battery level and the four on the left side display the brightness level.

Seeker 2 PRO Rechargeable LED FlashlightSeeker 2 PRO Rechargeable Flashlight 3200 lumens

Seeker 2 PRO Rechargeable Flashlight Display Indicators

Seeker 2 PRO rechargeable LED Flashlight

Obulb MC

✔ More Color, More Fun

The Obulb MC is a mini LED light orb featuring warm white, RGB and color-changing lights.

✔ Feel Lucky To Find More

Explore all the possibilities with your Obulb MC

I5R Ti

The i5R EOS is the rechargeable version of i5T EOS, one of our most popular tail-switch EDC flashlights. It adopts a customized 1420mAh Li-ion battery with an integrated USB Type-C interface for charging. The high-performance LED, paired with a PMMA lens, produces a soft and balanced beam up to 350 lumens. Like the i5T EOS, it features a tail switch, aerospace grade aluminum alloy body, unique double helix knurling, and a two-way pocket clip. The i5R is the perfect upgrade with higher performance and a rechargeable design.