Upgraded Stunning Performance

The Seeker 3 Pro is an ultra-bright floodlight flashlight great for outdoor activities. Its 4 high-performance cool white LEDs boast an incredible max output of 4,200 lumens and a 250-meter beam distance. 

✔ Visual Display Indicators

The newly adopted rotary knob switch on the head allows for smooth adjustment between brightness levels. Surrounding the rotary knob are the indicators to reveal the brightness and battery levels in real time. 

✔ Smart Proximity Sensor

The built-in proximity and thermal sensors keep the light and nearby objects safe on higher settings. 

✔ More Poweful, Brighter and well Designed

Continuing with its classic style, the Seeker 3 Pro is more powerful, way brighter, and packed with new refinements that make it one of the most well-designed pocket lights out there.

✔ Fast & Rechargeable

The MCC3 magnetic charging cable allows for up to 2A charging current. Quick and simple


General Data
Compatible Batteries
Customized 3.6V 5000mAh 21700 Lithium-ion Battery
Light Source
4 x High Performance LED (6000~7000K)
Lighting Levels
Light Mode 1 (lumens)
4,200-1,200-600 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 1
2.5+127+35 minutes
Light Mode 2 (lumens)
1,200-600-300 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 2
135+35+10 minutes
Light Mode 3 (lumens)
300 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 3
640 minutes
Light Mode 4 (lumens)
50 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 4
55.5 hours
Light Mode 5 (lumens)
5 lumens
Run-time LEVEL 5
15 days
Technical Characteristics
Weight (g / oz)
7.06oz/200g (Including Battery)
Length (mm / in)
Head Diameter (mm / in)
Body Diameter (mm / in)
Package Contents
User Manual x 1
Holster x 1
MCC3 USB Magnetic Charging Cable x 1
Seeker 3 Pro (Battery Included) x 1
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Today it fell from 3 meters. I put the pins back but I lost the black cover over the light. The button is very easy to pop and break. 😬 Nice light tough.


Apr 08, 2022, 16:59:46

CS reply:

Thanks for your review. If there is any after-sales issues, please just contact us via We will reply you asap.

Apr 14, 2022, 03:13:05

Powerful light! I love it, easy to carry!

Color: Forest Gradient


Apr 08, 2022, 04:05:05

Wow, hallucinant, lumière comme en plein jour

Color: Forest Gradient


Mar 29, 2022, 06:17:00

Sooo bright, and built tough


Oct 02, 2021, 17:59:16

Love the light!!!! Super bright! The proximity sensor is a brilliant new feature for protecting your holster and from overheating. The lockout is cool and I love the battery meter!


Oct 07, 2021, 11:44:19

Best flashligh I own! The Seeker 3 Pro is intense! Such a compact unit for the amount of light it throws!


Oct 19, 2021, 22:36:39

What a step up from the already amazing Seeker2. Longer battery as well as different modes make this a very nice powerful flashlight.


Oct 08, 2021, 11:56:56

Nearly perfect light, good balance of size/power/throw/runtime/security. The light beam emited is relatively wide what reduce somewhat the throw of this powerfull light. StepLess mode is awesome extending both comfort and battery runtime by allowing just the amount of light needed up to and including Turbo. The battery level and output power indicators show clearly the status of the light. Usefull and secure proximity sensor that can be easily desabled and an auto locking feature that is simple to Unlock implements a complete set of safety features. The magnet is strong enough to maintain the light horizontally on ferrous metal and the Magnetic charger is fast (MCC 1A/1.5A/2A) charges in less than 4h most of the times. Only things I would like is a voluntary bypass of the AutoLock feature and a more gradated low lumen's StepLess mode that includes MoonLight, rather than obvious Steps in StepLess mode when we start from MoonLight and being unable to go back down to MoonLight.


Oct 21, 2021, 21:15:24

Favorable Comments


Oct 26, 2021, 19:16:24

Love this light! It's my companion of all time. Excellent price and quick shipping! Very happy with the product


Oct 28, 2021, 19:08:56

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