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The Swivel is a compact and foldable COB+LED work light. The COB module projects a smooth, broad beam up to 400 lumens for near-field illumination, while the LED provides a more focused and farther beam. Both light sources are dimmable to meet your specific needs. Powered by a 2600mAh battery that is rechargeable via a Type-C port, the product runs up to 90 hours. It also features a 180° adjustable clip-style stand with magnets inside for convenient hands-free uses. Around the COB module is a glow-in-the-dark strip to mark the product's presence. The sturdy and well-sealed ABS body holds well against daily impacts and water splashes. Versatile, rugged, and flexible, the Swivel will cover your tasks in various working conditions.

Imorse Gunmetal Grey

✔ Unique Morse code

The brand new iMorse carries a special Morse code message that can be decoded by using the key card that is included in the packaging.

✔ Better Experience to Explore

The high-performance CSP (chip scale package) LED, paired with a TIR optic lens, generates a soft, well-balanced beam of 5 lumens or 180 lumens.

✔ Bright and Soft Light

High-performance LED, paired with a TIR optic lens, generates a soft, well-balanced beam of 5 lumens/180 lumens.

✔ USB-C Charging

The New USB-C port allows for a full charge within 100 minutes without disassembling the light or fiddling with the cable.

✔ Make Every Twist Count

Turn the light on/off or switch outputs with a simple twist of the head. Twist it slightly to turn it on for 5 lumens, a bit more for 180 lumens.

Otacle 2

Otacle 2 Grey Versatile Tool

Otacle 2 Grey Titanium Pry Bar 8-in-1 Tool

Oracle 2 Grey Versatile Tool For Easy Portability

Titanium Pry Bar Has A Long Service Life

Versatile Tool Has Copper Inlays And Bright Blue Screws

Otacle 2 Grey Specifications

Obulb Pro Blue

*To activate your new Obulb Pro for the first time, charge it with an MCC charging cable.

✔ Obulb Pro

Multicolor light orb with Bluetooth app control.

✔ Fully Upgraded

Bigger, brighter, and with a longer runtime than Obulb MC. More significantly, it can be controlled by the APP via Bluetooth.

✔ Multicolor Light

Easily click the color wheel on the APP to choose your favorite color and enjoy every precious moment.

✔ Deep and Peaceful Sleep

Remotely control the Obulb Pro to avoid disturbing your children’s sleep.

✔ Blackout Helper

When the electricity goes off, easily turn on your Obulb Pro through your phone without fumbling around in the dark.

✔ Group Control

Use the app's Group Control function to turn on multiple Obulb Pro at the same time, creating an elegant and romantic atmosphere.

✔ Magnetic to Attach Around

The magnetic base, combined with the included adhesive metal badge, allows easy attachment to any smooth surface.

✔ Magnetic Charing

3 hours of convenient magnetic charging allows up to 84 hours of runtime.

✔ Tougher Than It Looks

The Obulb Pro can easily withstand hard drops, due to its spherical shape and durable materials.

✔ IPX7 Waterproof

A cool addition to your bathtub or pool.

✔ Multiple Uses

Nightlight, Camping, Roadside Emergency, Decor, Power Outage, Entertaining.

*Note: Press the Obulb Pro’s button to switch between the seven modes (Please check the user manual for details).

*Note: Remote Control Distance: ≤50M

Obulb Pro Q&A

Q1: Where can I download the OLIGHT app?
A: Android: search for 'OLIGHT' in the Google Play Store and download. IOS: Search for 'OLIGHT' in the Apple App Store and download.

Q2: Which phone models are compatible with the Bluetooth version of Obulb Pro?
A: The Bluetooth version of the Obulb Pro is Bluetooth 5.0; any smartphone with Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher can connect to the Obulb Pro.

Q3: What is the maximum distance for Bluetooth control?
A: In an open environment with no obstructions, the maximum effective control distance is 50 metres. In environments with buildings such as houses or walls, the effective control distance will reduced depending on the environment.

Q4: Which chargers can be used?
A: Use an MCC 1A charger; the MCC 3 can also be used for charging, but the charge indicator may show an abnormal display.

Q5: Can I control the same Obulb Pro with more than one phone?
A: It is possible to control the same Obulb Pro with several smartphones by using the 'Share' function. (If the Obulb Pro is connected to only one phone, Bluetooth must be disconnected after sharing to allow another person to control it, but if the Obulb Pro is connected to several phones, it can be controlled without problems.)

Q6: If the Obulb Pro is switched off and not used for an extended period of time, will the OLIGHT app disconnect?
A: The Obulb Pro will automatically enter hibernation mode and extend its standby time if you do not operate it for more than 8 hours after switching it off. Pressing the button or charging the battery will exit hibernation mode and automatically reconnect to the OLIGHT app.

Q7: What is the difference between button operation and app operation?
A: The buttons can only be used to adjust the colour. The app allows you to adjust colour and brightness.

Q8: How can I operate Obulb Pro after uninstalling the App?
A: Obulb Pro maintains its memorised brightness and cannot be adjusted manually with the buttons. It is therefore not recommended to uninstall the app.

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