Small but Powerful

This small, but sturdy bike light provides a maximum of 3,500 lumens in a compact body that weighs only 110g. With its 5200mAh powerful battery pack, the lamp will light up your whole adventure trip, and allow you to enjoy the night riding with full passion.

rn 3500 bike light
rn 3500 Small but Powerful

High-quality and Versatile
Equipped with 5 high-quality LEDs and a special combination of 31° and 22° beam angles, RN 3500 delivers an impressive light output 3500 Lumens as well as a balanced beam across any terrain.

RN 3500 Bike light High-quality

✔ Reliable
Thanks to the adaptable mode settings ranging from 80 lumens to 3,500 lumens full brightness, and the hard-anodized aluminum body that passed the high water pressure and temperature (-20°C~40°C) tests, RN 3500 is prepared to be your good assistant for biking, skiing, camping and more.

RN 3500 Bike light reliable

✔ Magnific Power With Small Size
Thanks to the precision thermal analysis and management system, RN 3500 is able to achieve massive light output while being relatively small in size. Enjoy travel and riding without having to carry a hefty load.

RN 3500 Bike light small size

✔ Straightforward Operation
A single control button, easy to reach and press with gloves, is used for all modes changes. The last used light mode is remembered for your next trip.

RN 3500 Bike light easy operation

✔ Multifunctional Battery Pack
Equipped with 7.2 V 5200 mAh (18650*4) long-lasting battery pack. Support micro USB charging and discharging capacity for emergency use.

RN 3500 Bike light long lasting batteryRN 3500 Bike light rechargeable


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