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My First Olight Impression

Hi Everyone, I'm Glen Warner and I just came to the hobby/love affair with the Olight tech this past June. I was searching the internet and up to then had little knowledge of Olight. Looking for a titanium pen, I found a coupon for the OPen2 and thought I'd give it a try although the Ti version wasn't available. The same coupon referenced the Olight community on FB. I soon learned there was a great deal of passion and I sought to find out why. The Pen arrived and I was immediately impressed with the design and function. The engineering is tight with no sense of mass production or aftermarket parts which some often attribute to products from China. I learned long ago China has a cross section of industry - ranging from cheap to the highest end. Olight from my research is high end and match that with the customer experience is a formula that cannot be beat. I wasn't long ordering a few lights and to no surprise these very quickly replaced my Fenix, GoalZero and other products. First Impression IS EVERYTHING - and Olight does this extremely well starting with the topnotch packaging, a lesson seen in such products as Apple. All aspects of the OLIGHT experience are top line and now what started as a practical search for a tool turned into a passion to collect the many light offerings. I have no issue in investing in these lights and will use them throughout my life. I have introduced my family and co-workers, something I really recommend unless I'm absolutely certain of the product quality, build and warranty. Lastly, the Olight Canada Community, yes FaceBook, is supportive and made up of like-minded users and collectors. I can see why O-Fan and O-Family are a natural evolution.

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