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Outdoor Olight

Olight has been great - the company & products.. I use Olight something, everyday - whether it the bulbs for extra light for doing tasks or i3e/iR2 on a keychain or i3T w 10440 battery for a quick look.. My Olight’s get used.. and, I have many & my favorite use is outdoors.. I use them all the time for camping, hiking & climbing.. sun, rain, snow, water, heights - Olight has been everywhere w me.. the lantern, S1R baton 2 & perun mini is all you need to for a compact carry & covers all the lighting needs, for outdoor activities & they are tough… I’ve dropped the S1R off a 100ft cliff - bounced all the way down… and still worked perfect, when I picked it up at the bottom.. also, the Freyr is an amazing light in pitch black nite & you need the space lit up & distmce covered, quick. When you get to campsite - all the lights come in handy to lighting up chill, cook or sleep areas or pathway to the bathroom lol… I’ve used many different lights but feel most confident, when I have all my Olight’s w me on a trek..! Looking forward to the new products and thy Knife..!!

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