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Flashlights don’t just come in black

My relationship with Olight started when I was looking for a new EDC light. My go-to light in the past was Fenix lights. However one day two years ago the S2R2 came up in my Amazon search. Built-in magnetic charging - tres cool!After this first Olight I discovered the Olight website and started visiting it every so often. Then one day I see a green S2R2 coming out as a new release. Okay Olight number 2....Months go by and the Father’s Day mega pack comes out with the Brown Odin, Gunmetal I5t, brown S2R2, orange mini Perun. Wow. What a great value. I was looking for a headlamp, as well as a flashlight to gift (S2R2). This is when I appreciate the fact that you could get flashlights in an other colour then black. Then once I discovered the Facebook fan group. That is where my appreciation for Olight products grew. The community of fans sharing their lights and collection. The help and information and the general discussion of these innovative lights. Seeing how Olight gives back to its fans, the monthly contest. It really makes one want promote their products. My Red Mini Warrior now hold the distinction of being my EDC light.

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