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I was so wrong about Olight...

-----"It is just another over marketed flashlight company" That was my first impression about Olight.. Working outdoor for years, flashlights and knives are part of my life. I was always trying to find good flashlights to use, collect and, let be honest, just play with... When I first heard about Olight, I went to check price and some specs, I thought they were way over priced, so I did not even try to get one. Until I saw one in person from one of my gear-head friends. I was like "well, it looks really nice, I will give them that" However, at that moment, I was still thinking they were over priced. Then...I finally got one in person after I lost one of my EDC light. I got a S1R Baton with warm white LED... And that is how everything started...the gate way of endless Olight buying disorder... It took me less than 10 second to jump in love with the S1R... It had everything I wanted for that time and more... the charger system was unheard of in that time and the high brightness with a little thing like that was unbelievable to me... the soft fade of the light, the magnet on the tail. and the design, the colour, even the package was nice .. well...needless to say... I was soooo wrong about was not over marketed, it was not over priced, it is over achieved. I still carry my S1R to today...but he is not alone anymore... My entire flash light collection is full of Olight family members. After I start to follow Olight on different social media, I found out that not only Olight products are great, the company are doing a lot of things that fit my world view as well... What can I say? I am a fan now... What is more awesome than bring more light to the world in all different ways?

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