A detox cure that led to another addiction

I had that, eh, Alcoholic kind of issue.... And when I was in detox, Fred, as he's called, landed me a couple of his light for our evening walk. At first, there was nothing special with those light until he brought me a Warrior X Pro. THIS LIGHT. This light got me in that infinite circle of ''I want some more awesome retina-breaking light !!!". I then went online and bought myself my first OLight, the Warrior X Pro Camo Edition. This light had my way lighten up for a few fishing trip, and then I started to buy some more and collecting them. OBulb has also been a very BOMBERS to me, had to get all those colors and I will get all four colors of MC straight on sept,23 2021 20;00pm. Olight is a passion, a way of living. I don't know how I could thank Fred enough for letting me know of that awsome company that only sell joy to its fans ( And also gave me another addiction to where to spend my money appart that god damn Vodka ). Good Job Olight ! We love you, ||- Alex

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