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A Frolic In The Fog

It was the summer of 2018. Everything was right in the world. The Taliban was still in the hills, and there was not a novel corona virus in sight. Eight of my close friends and I were on a camping trip at a Provincial Park, in eastern Saskatchewan. Naturally, I brought enough Olights to illuminate a small army. Our group campsite was laid out with about a dozen individual tent sites, spread out around a central hub location. In the central hub there was a large bonfire pit, several picnic tables, and a shelter structure. After dark we were all gathered around the fire pit. Around 10pm, some low cloud cover began to roll in, then turn to fog. Some of the most adventurous among us wanted to go for a wander. I leapt into action; Handing out several of the lights from my pack. Seeker 2 pro, M2R pro, my Baton Pro, and even my S1Rii. In my hands was the formidable Olight Javelot Pro. We walk down the path, making our way through increasingly thick fog. Varying beams profiles clearly visible, shining in all directions. We emerged onto a large grass field. We knew the field was there, but surrounded in fog, the feeling was surreal. We make our way to the center of a field, there we found a steel utility box. I take my Javelot Pro, point it straight up into the sky, and proudly set the magnetic tail cap down with a satisfying thump. The steel rung like a gong. The tight cone of light, piercing vertically into the fog, was surely visible for miles around. We took turns throwing a light-up Frisbee through the beam. Fun was had by all.

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