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I have been collecting olights for more than a year now and have them conveniently located in my house. Where I live, there has been a dramatic rise in small crimes and theft. As a father of two girls under 5 years old I am very concerned with keeping them safe. One complication in this is that Canada has strict laws on defending yourself and your property.Violence is only acceptable if there is absolutely no other option and you will have to defend yourself in court if you protect yourself physically. Powerful, well designed and made flashlights are the perfect tool for repelling attackers without violence. My idea was put to the test recently when I noticed a thief breaking into my car. I grabbed my desert tan Javalot turbo that was next to the door and showed him the light! He was disoriented and ran away. That combined with my voice and a short chase from a distance convinced him to drop my expensive motorcycle jacket and escape. My story has convinced many people I know to purchase their own olights. Thank you for giving us safe tools for our defence in these dark times.

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