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My First Olights

My story with Olight begins in December 2019, with the three lights pictured. However, let me go back a bit further and describe my more general "flashlight" story. Like generations of people over the decades, the flashlights of my youth and even my adulthood were mostly incandescent lights with 2 D cells. Not very bright and notoriously unreliable, as well as bulky and heavy, they were essentially "all anyone had" with the exception of smaller AA and AAA lights. In 2006, on a very dark night in Mikisew Provincial Park in Northern Ontario, a 2 D cell light of this type failed on me on my last night of camping. I was down by the lake, about 500 metres from camp, which was reached by navigating a couple of roads in thick forest. It was moonless and as it was September the park was mostly empty and there was no light. To say the journey back in pitch black was "nightmarish" is an understatement. Determined to never have this happen again, I purchased my first three LED flashlights on my way home from that trip. By 2014, I began to notice that LED flashlights had improved immensely in the intervening years, so I began to purchase some far more powerful rechargeable lights and also discovered YouTube flashlight review videos. I don't remember when I first heard of Olight - probably around 2016 or 2017 or so. But they seemed to be difficult to purchase in Canada. That all changed in December of 2019 when I found the website! My first three lights, as pictured were the green S2RII, the red S1RII and the Perun in blue. It was instant love. I loved the simple, flexible and logical interface. I loved the performance and I adored the aesthetics. The "Iron Man" colours of the red S1RII in particular has remained right at the pinnacle of my taste. Since then I've purchased lights at every sale, both for myself and for others. Each new light is a new adventure! The performance and quality are always top-notch and I love the different models, colours and materials. I've also delved into Olight's history, finding old models that I had "missed" and my collection keeps growing and I'm very pleased with each and every light I own. But Olight is so much more than a flashlight company. It's a community of like-mined enthusiasts, supported by some of the most dedicated customer service professionals I've ever met. I continue to be impressed and indeed in awe for the Olight Team's passion for providing innovative and beautiful products, matched with dedicated, personal and first-rate customer service. Thank you Olight!!!! Jeff Gaboury

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