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Turning the sun back on

I work for a municipality and I have to make sure utilities work no matter what. That often means late night call outs to repair machines or check for intruders. In one instance, it was a call out on a very dark and stormy night with winds in excess of 100km/hr and I received an intrusion alarm. I selected the biggest baddest gear that I have. The orange Marauder 2 gave me the confidence to get it done. I rolled in and saw doors open and items strewn about blowing away in the wind. I "turned the sun back on" with my Olight and revealed the truth. I was able to see clearly that the entire worksite was clear of intruders and it was actually the strong winds has ripped a door open that had a weak latch. The powerful light stamped out any fear of the unknown and helped me get my work done.

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