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We know that flashlight uses vary dramatically, for example, Mechanics and home inspectors, may require the use of a flashlight daily, but that tool only requires a moderate lumen output and run time. Avid hikers and trekkers, on the other hand, need a hands-free option with long run times and variable outputs.

So this time, we invite all Olight Fans to share your usage scenarios or user experience of your Olight Flashlight.

The purpose of this sharing activity is to help new customers clear up their shopping doubts and choose the right Flashlight to meet their different activities and needs by watching the use experience shared by Olight fans

If you have used or are using Olight recently, please do not hesitate to share your review, you will have a chance to get awards during this activity!


1. My Olight EDC: What do you use Olight products do in your daily life?

2. Seeker 3 Pro /Warrior  mini 2 /Perun  2 /Baldr /Warrior 3S  ...Series Collection

(Please remember to add Tag in your comment, such as: # O-EDC or # Baldr, #Baton, # Warrior...)


1. Follow the theme, and then share the story between you and products with us. Each person can submit up to three comments.

2. To take some photos (3-5pcsfrom your daily work or normal life, especially the moment that you find our lights are really helpful for your life. In addition, the photos with your collection of the perfect premium edition are also a good point for a post.

If you have any confusion about the activity, please just contact us via the following e-mail:


We will review your comment within one workday, please do not submit the comment repeatedly. Also, the sharing activity requires objective reviews and real feedback on the product. Your review will appear in the review area relative to the product after the activity ended.

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