Baton 3 Pro Rechargeable Flashlight VS Baton 3 Pro Max Powerful EDC Flashlight

Baton 3 Pro Rechargeable Flashlight VS Baton 3 Pro Max Powerful EDC Flashlight

When the whole world was using oil lamps to do daily night chores, Sir Conrad Huber, a Russian-American inventor was working on the first flashlight prototype under the same lamp. A prototype that was about to transform our lifestyle, illuminating the world and making things like camping and travel so much more accessible and easy.


Hubert's early portable flashlights were crafted by hand using simple materials like paper and fiber tubes. They had a basic bulb and a rough brass reflector. However, the weak batteries and primitive bulbs of that time could only provide a short burst of light, hence the name "flashlight".

Over time the flashlight had evolved into those that we see today. Today’s flashlights are not only powerful but also compact. Take the Olight Baton Series flashlights for example. These flashlights are as small as your palm size but are capable of producing 1000+ lumen output.

Background of Olight Baton Series

Olight is one of the leading flashlight manufacturers in the world. Initially, we had a humble beginning but over the years, Olight has established a reputation for producing high-quality and innovative flashlights that are built to last.

We have some of the best flashlights under our belt. Our flashlights are known for their brightness, powerful beams, long battery life, and durable construction.

The Olight Baton Series mainly focuses on EDC flashlights. You can carry these flashlights in your pocket, hang them with your room keys, or clipped to your shirt. Some of the most popular models in the Baton Series include the Baton 3, Baton 3 Pro, and Baton 3 Pro Max.

Some of the key features and benefits that make the Olight Baton Series stand out from other flashlight brands include:

✅Brightness - All the Baton Series flashlights are designed to be extremely bright and can produce longer beam distance.

✅Battery Life - The runtime of the Olight Baton Series might vary depending on the model but all the flashlights are equipped with long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

✅Durability - All Olight flashlights are made of aluminum or magnesium alloy.

✅Design - All the flashlights have easy-to-use switches and an intuitive interface. 

✅Versatility - Olight Baton Series flashlights are made for EDC and can be used for a wide range of different applications.

For anyone looking to upgrade their EDC flashlight, Olight Baton Series has some of the best flashlights you can rely on. Let’s look at the two most popular Baton flashlights.

Baton 3 Pro and Baton 3 Pro Max - Comparison and Similarities

Baton 3 Pro is an upgraded version of the S2R Baton II, whereas Baton 3 Pro Max is the latest upgrade in the Olight Baton Series. Both flashlights are popular choices among outdoor enthusiasts and law enforcement professionals.

Lighting Performance

Both flashlights are high-performing flashlights with exceptional performance. Baton 3 Pro can produce a maximum output of 1500 lumens and Baton 3 Pro Max can produce up to 2500 lumens. In terms of brightness, the Pro Max version is the clear winner.

But in terms of beam distance, Baton 3 Pro performs better with a maximum beam distance of 175 meters, whereas Baton 3 Pro Max beam can travel only up to 145 meters.

For users looking for longer beam distance, the Pro version is a good option, whereas if you’re looking for maximum brightness, Pro Max is a better option.

Battery and Charging

The Baton 3 pro version is powered by a customized 3200mAh 3.6V 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, whereas the Baton 3 Pro Max version is powered by 5000mAh 3.6V 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Both these flashlights from the Olight Baton Series use an MCC3 charging cable and can fully charge the flashlight in as little as 3.5 hours.

Modes and User Interface

Both flashlights offer a range of different modes, including high output, medium output, low output, and strobe. The Baton 3 Pro has a simple user interface with a single button for controlling the modes, while the Baton 3 Pro Max features a side button with an enlarged switch for easy and intuitive operation.

You also get a battery level indicator in both the flashlight. But for an upgraded battery indicator on Baton 3 Pro Max, you just shake Baton 3 Pro Max to activate its battery indicator light.

Design and Build

You get an aluminum alloy body in Baton 3 Pro, whereas a magnesium alloy body in Baton 3 Pro Max. Both use aircraft-grade metals and tempered glass lenses, making them rugged and durable.

The body design is cylindrical in shape with a raised button. Though Baton 3 Pro max is slightly larger than the Baton 3 Pro, both flashlights are designed to be portable and easy to carry. The stainless steel clip that you get in both flashlights makes it easy to attach to your pocket or bag.

Let’s not forget the IPX8 waterproof rating, both are waterproof and have passed a 1.5-meter drop test.

Features and Accessories

These two Olight Baton Series flashlights feature a magnetic tail for hand-free use. Both Baton 3 Pro and Baton 3 Pro Max come with a range of features and accessories that enhance their performance and usability.

But, one accessory that stands out is the L-stand. This stand is made of magnetic stainless steel. You can stick the stand onto the wall and store your Olight flashlights with ease.

Which Flashlight Fits Your Needs?

Whether you go for the Baton 3 Pro or the Baton 3 Pro Max, a good flashlight is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to be prepared for a wide range of different situations. A high-quality flashlight is an essential item that you cannot afford to be without, regardless of whether you use it for camping, hiking, or as an emergency light.

The Olight Baton Series gives you access to some of the best flashlights on the market. Baton models are designed to be bright, reliable, and long-lasting.

Make sure to consider your specific needs and preference before you choose between the two. If you lean more toward brightness the Baton 3 Pro Max is an excellent choice, if not Baton 3 Pro is equally powerful. 

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