Best Keychain Flashlights Buying Guide in 2023

Best Keychain Flashlights Buying Guide in 2023

The market is over-flooded with all types of flashlights, and finding one for you can be a little hard, especially for beginners.

Whether you’re someone who loses small items inside your car often or someone who needs a reliable mini-flashlight for your EDC kit, this guide will help you find the best keychain flashlight for you.

So, keep your stress aside and follow the buying guide given below. 

Buying Guide - Things You Should Consider

As mentioned earlier, the market is over-flooded with all types of flashlights, what is even worse is the quality of the product. There are tons of low-quality flashlights that aren’t worth the price. 

There are few brands that produce quality flashlights but again not all quality flashlights fall under the radar of the best keychain flashlights. Either they are too bulky or too costly. 

Here are a few things that you should consider while buying the best keychain flashlight for yourself. 

⚫Lumen Output - Any keychain flashlight that has a maximum output of 50 lumens and above is acceptable. But keep in mind, a smaller-size flashlight has smaller batteries, which means if you use the brightest mode often you will run out of battery pretty soon. 

⚫Beam Type - Flashlight comes with either a spot beam or a flood beam. A spotlight is a narrow beam that can travel far but lights up a small area. Whereas, the flood beam covers a larger area but doesn’t travel far. It’s up to you what type of beam you want to go with. 

⚫Power Source - Disposable, non-disposable, and custom inbuilt batteries are the three types of batteries you will see in a flashlight. AAA and customized inbuilt batteries are good options for keychain flashlights.

⚫Size and Weight - As the name suggests, a keychain flashlight should be compact, lightweight, and easy to carry when attached to a keychain. The best keychain flashlight shouldn’t be longer than 3 inches. 

⚫Durability - Keychain flashlights are available in a variety of casings and constructions, from basic plastic to aircraft-grade aluminum, steel, copper, brass, and more. If you’re not tight on a budget, go for metal-casing flashlights. Also, make sure to check the IPX rating and drop resistance to make sure you’re buying the highest-quality keychain flashlight. 

⚫Extra Features - Extra features mean extra money, if you can afford that, look for additional features such as multiple brightness modes, strobe mode, tail switch, proximity sensor, and battery level indicator. 

3 Best Keychain Flashlights by Olight 

Most flashlights that are labeled as keychain flashlights don’t exactly fit into the category. Either they are too bulky, too bright, or too heavy for a keychain. 

Olight is one among the many flashlight manufacturing companies that actually label the product as it is. The three flashlights mentioned below are the best keychain flashlights from Olight that everybody loves to carry with them. 

01. iTHX Keychain Flashlight 

iTHX rechargeable keychain flashlight is one of the smallest flashlights on the market. It weighs only 0.53 Oz and is as small as your pinky finger(44 mm). 

This tiny flashlight has two brightness modes, 150 lumens, and 5 lumens. You can switch between the two modes with a quick head twist. When you’re on a higher lumen output, the light beam can travel up to 40 meters. 

02. i3E EOS Keychain Flashlight 

This is a non-rechargeable keychain flashlight that operates with a single widely available AAA battery. Unlike iTHX, the i3E EOS can only produce a maximum output of 90 lumens but the beam distance is almost the same, 44 meters. 

Talking about the weight and size, this flashlight weighs only 0.68 oz and measures 2.38 inches. Similar to iTHX, this flashlight also doesn’t have a switch button. You’ll need to twist the head to switch it on or off. 

03. i1R 2 PRO Keychain Flashlight 

If you’re looking for a slightly higher lumen output than the two best keychain flashlights mentioned above, the i1R 2 PRO is for you. This flashlight can produce a maximum output of 180 lumens and a beam throw of 48 meters. 

i1R 2 PRO is an upgraded version of i1R 2 EOS and is a very popular keychain flashlight among Olight fans. Unlike the previous version, this one is paired with a TIR optic lens that produces a soft and well-balanced beam. You also get an upgraded charging port that makes the charging even faster. 

Keychain Flashlights are small but Reliable 

If you’re looking to save some cash but still need a reliable keychain flashlight, the three flashlights mentioned above are the best option. If you don’t want to settle for Olight flashlights, you can use the buying guide as a checklist. 

It doesn't matter which flashlight brand you opt for, what matters is whether you own one or not. Having the best keychain flashlight on your key ring will come in handy whether you're changing a tire, searching for something you dropped, or stepping across a dimly lit sidewalk.

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