How does the DIY zone work?

How does the DIY zone work?

Have you followed the DIY section?

Do you know how it works?

Do I have to buy the same 2 lights to get the 30% off or can I buy 2 different items to get the 30% off?

In fact, most O'fans have no idea how it works. So today we're going to explain how the DIY zone works.

How to Find a DIY Zone

1.First, you will see a large advertising picture on the homepage or waist of the website, you can click on the picture to enter the DIY area.

2.You will see a small label in the upper left corner that says "DIY".

Or, when browsing Olight CA products, you can enter the DIY zone by clicking "Add-on item".

That's it, you have reached the DIY zone.

How do I get these discounts?

So, there are two options to take advantage of it.

1. Choose the same lamp

First, you can click on the "Shopping Cart" logo, which is a window that pops up on your screen. It shows original price and discounted price. For example, if we choose 1 Arkfeld lamp, the price paid is 96.76$, because you get 20% off with the purchase of one item.

If we buy 2 Arkfeld lights (attached), the price will become 120.95$ - 30% = 84.66$

2.Choose from different lamps

There is another option to benefit from the advantages of the DIY section. You choose 2 or more lights. For example, we buy Obulb Plus and Warrior Mini 2.

The price is calculated as follows: (93.95$ - 30%) + (122.95$ - 30%) = 65.77$ + 86.07$ = 151.84$

Note: Remember to log in or create your account before placing an order to benefit from Olight points and O coins 

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If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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