How to Pick the Best Camping Lights

How to Pick the Best Camping Lights

A good camping light is a must for outdoor activities, very suitable for night games, cooking, camping lights can not only illuminate the entire camp, but also can create a camping atmosphere. Although no one camping light can meet everyone's needs, we will explain the following factors: light output, battery capacity, battery life, etc., to help you find the most suitable camping light for you.

Camping Light Types: Electric Lights VS Gas Lights

The choice between electric or gas lighting depends primarily on the following considerations:
1. Personal preference, electric lights are quiet and bright, gas lamps run for a long time and the light is warm

2. Running time and safety: When the ambient temperature is below freezing point, the capacity of alkaline batteries will be significantly reduced, and rechargeable batteries may not be able to support a few days of travel in an environment that cannot be recharged. Gas lamps can burn for a long time and work well in temperatures below freezing. Due to the use of an open flame, it can also have a certain heating function, which can make you feel warm, but it needs to be kept away from flammable items and needs to be ventilated.

Lumens for camping lights

A camping light needs to illuminate an area, but not so much light that it can irritate your eyes when you look at the light. Brightness is measured in lumens, and most current camping lights have a maximum lumen output between 200-800 lumens. That's enough light to illuminate most camping areas.
Lighting Modes for Camping Lights

Most camping lights these days come with a number of different features, such as stepless dimming, which will allow you to customize the light output, even down to single-digit lumens, and then up to full power.

There are also some camping lights with cold light and warm light modes, use the warm light mode when creating a camping atmosphere, and use the cold light mode when a brighter environment is required.

Camping Light Weight and Dimensions

For car campers, weight and size won't be an issue, but for hiking campers, it's an important factor to consider, then you'll definitely want one that's lighter and doesn't take up too much space in your backpack camping lights. I suggest that you can consider choosing Olantern Class mini, which is the mini version of Olantern Class 2 Pro, which has a lighter and smaller size.
Camping light battery life
If you're going to be out in the woods for a few days or more, battery life is something you have to consider. Most camping lights can last for a few days or even a week in low brightness mode, but can only last for a few hours in high brightness mode, so you need to consider your actual needs to choose the right camping light.

Water resistance of camping lights

Since the weather is always unpredictable, we often wake up to wet mornings, which is why investing in camping lights that are highly durable and waterproof can be a good deal in the long run. So most camping lights are waterproof, you can refer to this article about the waterproof level:Little common sense of lights - IP waterproof index.

Extra Features for Camping Lights

Many camping lights have additional features, such as the ability to charge electronic devices and double as a flashlight, as well as integrated solar charging capabilities, etc.


The best camping light is the one that best suits your needs. Find a light that's bright enough to illuminate your camping space, yet light and simple enough to use after a long day of hiking. I suggest you to choose Olantern Classic Mini. The following are its functional characteristics, which can well meet your camping needs.

Olight Olantern Classic Mini Compact Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern

●Olantern classic design: Beautiful, distinctive, small, and 45% lighter than Olantern Classic 2 Pro.

●Dual light sources: Warm light + white light, 5-300LM stepless dimming, light source switching signaled by vibration.

●Lock function: Effectively prevents the product from being turned on accidentally.

●Unique handle design: All metal with a buckle; can be used in multiple scenarios.

●Built-in 21700/4500mAh battery: 60 hours battery life.

●Power bank function: Can fully charge an iPhone 14; solves emergency charging problems of mobile phones and other devices.

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