Key Details You Should Know about O-Fan Day 2023

Key Details You Should Know about O-Fan Day 2023

Join us this September for a thrilling celebration - O-Fan Day, an annual event by Olight to honor our devoted fans. This year, it's about expressing gratitude for your unwavering support and sharing moments that define our journey together.

O-Fan Day 2023 is packed with breakthroughs and innovations. Brace yourself for an unmatched virtual experience, where excitement comes to life on your screen. Curious about the programs? Here's a sneak peek!

Online Schedule

During O-Fan Day, we have more than just product launches. Dive into a range of activities planned to appreciate our incredible fans. Get ready for exclusive discounts that let you save big. Plus, don't miss the chance to enter our lucky draw and seize the latest products. Keep reading for more exciting details.

This year's O-Fan Day returns after four years, set in the heart of Olight's largest warehouse in Virginia. Immerse yourself in the diverse world of Olight, gaining deeper insights into our offerings and fostering a shared growth with fellow supporters.

The offline event is a treasure trove of experiences. From brand showcases to new product previews, it's a vibrant tapestry of engagement that amplifies the essence of O-Fan Day.

Can't make it to the offline event? Worry not! Engage in multiple online events happening simultaneously. Stay connected, stay informed, and be a part of the Olight community, wherever you are.

New Product Launch Event: Prepare for our highly anticipated product launch event! You'll see and experience new upgrades and unique blockbuster products. Aside from our popular EDC series, we're also introducing a groundbreaking rail-mounted light. Allow us to leave you in suspense while one of the new products is created for you! Don't miss the launch event on YouTube at 2:00 PM 9/16 EDT.

But that's not all! By actively participating in the event, you have a chance to win incredible new products. Look out for our exclusive giveaways and seize the opportunity to become a lucky winner. We are excited to hear which series of new products interests you the most. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment!

Our focus is always on you, our valued O-Fans. During the event we are announcing exciting upgrades related to your membership benefits, after-sales services, and more at 2:00 PM 9/16 EDT. We believe in continuously improving and providing the best experience for you, and these upgrades are our way of showing our appreciation for your support.

Spin To Win: Join us on O-Fan Day and immerse yourself in the excitement of "Spin to Win Every Day"! Take a spin on the lucky wheel for a chance to win exclusive lights, discount vouchers, and other surprising gifts. But that's not all.


Free Gift for Every O-Fan: Whether you're a loyal customer or new to Olight, expect to find exclusive lighting gifts waiting for you in your shopping cart. Olight is always here to brighten your day, offering more benefits and value.

OSports Activity: Beginning September 7th through September 9th, share your favorite sports moments with us using the hashtag #Osports. We will randomly select 2 participants per day to win an I3E EOS Vibrant Orange flashlight.
Additionally, September 9th through September 15th, initiate a plank challenge using the hashtag #Osportsplanking in our Facebook group. We will track the scores of all participants. The first-place winner will receive a Marauder Mini OD Green. The second-place winner will receive a WARRIOR 3S OD Green. The third-place winner will receive a Seeker 4 Mini Red. For more details, please follow our 
Facebook group. Exciting prizes await you! 

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