Little common sense of lights - IP waterproof index

Little common sense of lights - IP waterproof index

What does the waterproof index of the lamp correspond to? Learn more in this article to choose the product that best suits your needs. When we talk about the waterproof rating of lights, we often use the term "IP", but what does it mean? "Internet Protocol"? "intellectual property"? In other cases yes, but to measure a product's hermeticity, "IP" means "INGRESS PROTECTION", informing the user of a device's resistance to solids and liquids.

Protection from solid matter and dust:

The first number ranges from 0 to 6 and reflects protection against solid particles

IP0X: The product is not protected against penetration by solid objects

IP1X: Protection against objects larger than 50 mm only

IP2X: Protected against entry by any object larger than 12.5mm

IP3X: Protection against objects larger than 2.5mm

IP4X: Protection against anything thicker than 1 mm

IP5X: Dustproof. Ingress of dust cannot be completely prevented

IP6X: completely dustproof

For waterproofing:

The second number, between 0 and 9, indicates the water resistance of the product

IPX0: The product does not offer any special protection against water

IPX1: Prevent water from flowing vertically onto the product

IPX2: Can withstand water hitting the product at an angle of 15°or less

IPX3: Can withstand water hitting the product at an angle of 60°or less

IPX4: Resists water splash from all directions

IPX5: Withstands spraying, continuous water jets and low pressure

IPX6: can withstand high pressure water jet

IPX7: Submersible to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes

IPX8: Can be submerged in water for more than one meter, the exact depth is specified by the manufacturer

IPX9: Protection against high pressure, high temperature and multi-directional washing

Most of the waterproof grades of Olight products can reach IPX7 and IPX8, which means that you don't have to worry about the flashlight being damaged by water ingress in the wild.

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