[New Product]Olight imini 2 EDC Pocket Flashlight

[New Product]Olight imini 2 EDC Pocket Flashlight

The imini 2 is a rechargeable and upgraded version of the imini. Powered by one 10180 fast charging lithium battery, it produces an impressive output of 50 lumens and can be directly charged using the integrated USB plug on the magnetic cap. To activate the light, just pop it off the cap. The magnetic base allows you to attach the light to iron surfaces for hands-free use. Quick, convenient, and stylish, the imini 2 is the ideal choice for your EDC use. 

imini 2 feature introduction
Integrated USB Plug

No need to carry a separate cable

just plug the flashlight into a USB port

for easy on-the-go charging.

Instant ON/OFF

Ensuring that you have immediate access to light when you need it most. No more fumbling with a button to turn it on.

Hands-free Use

lts magnetic base makes it easy to attach to any iron surface, freeing up your hands to complete tasks efficiently.

Super Mini

With a tiny size body, you can easily carry it wherever you go.55mm/2.17in.

imini 2 VS imini

In summary, the iMini 2 is a compact and versatile lighting solution that offers convenience, reliability, and durability. With its single output, instant activation, hands-free experience with a magnetic base, rechargeable design, and tough aluminum body, this tiny light is ready to assist you in various situations. From everyday tasks to outdoor adventures, the iMini 2 is your reliable companion for portable lighting needs.

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