[New Product]Olight seeker 4 mini edc flashlight with white light and uv

[New Product]Olight seeker 4 mini edc flashlight with white light and uv

The Seeker 4 Mini is the first compact flashlight with both white and UV light in Seeker Series. The two light sources allow this flashlight to be used in a variety of scenarios, such as climbing, camping, repairs, power outages, fluorescent agent detection, stain detection, hotel cleanliness checking, ringworm detection, etc. 

Seeker 4 mini feature introduction

Dual Color Temperature Versions

The black and OD Green models offer both CW and NW versions. Pick the model or version that best suits your need.


Cool White

Useful for tasks that require enhanced concentration.


Neutral White

Reduce eye strain during extended use.

Premium Metal Side Switch

The metal side swich is more durable and wear-resistant, making it a more reliable option for frequent use.

Non-slip Body

The ergonomically designed curved body provides a good and comfortable grip.

Easy to Carry

lt is easy to carry the flashlight with you wherever you go with the two-way clip.

One Step Charging

The magnetic charging cable easily snaps onto the bottom of the flashlight.

Conquer Tough Environments

IPX8 waterproof and 1.5-meter impact-resistant, the Seeker 4 Mini is ready for any environment and adventure.

In conclusion

The Seeker 4 mini is only 3.43 inches long with a two-way clip for easy portability and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Its metal side switch is more wear-resistant, and the indicator light in the center of the switch intuitively displays the remaining power in real time. The ergonomic curved surface of the flashlight body is non-slip and comfortable to hold. The magnetic charging cable snaps into the bottom of the flashlight quickly and easily, fully charging the battery in 1.5 hours. Its aluminum alloy body easily handles submersion and hard drops. The Seeker 4 Mini is the perfect lighting tool to use at home, outdoors or while tackling everyday tasks.

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