[New Product]Obulb Plus Multicolor Light with Touch Switch and App Control

[New Product]Obulb Plus Multicolor Light with Touch Switch and App Control

The Obulb Plus is a multicolor, rechargeable and magnetic light orb featuring a touch switch and app control. With a 3.15-inch diameter, it is bigger than the Obulb Pro, illuminating a larger area. It delivers up to 300 lumens and a max runtime of 49 hours, great for illumination, ambient light or decoration. More importantly, the Obulb Plus can be controlled by Olight's new App, Olight Hub.

Obulb plus function introduction

Bigger and Brighter
lt illuminates a larger area and feels even better in your hands.

Convenient Touch Switch

Allows you to turn on/off easily.

App Control

The new APP, Olight Hub, is designed to provide an easier and more enjoyable experience incontrolling the Obulb Plus.

More functions are worth exploring!

*Note : Remote Control Distance: ≤25M

Countdown Timer

Set the countdown time and the light will beturned off automatically when it has reached 0, allowing you to fall asleep peacefully withoutgetting up and turning off the light.

Group Control

You can effortlessly manage a group of Obulb Plus simultaneously with a single tap, therebycreating a cozy and enchanting ambiance.

Syncs with Music

The light will follow the rhythm of music collected by the phone microphone, encouraging a strong, upbeat atmosphere.

Olight Hub, making your life more convenient and filled with fun. You can turn it on/off, change brightness level and modes, change its light color using the color wheel, and check its remaining battery level with the Olight Hub. Group controlling is never a problem, and you can control a group of the Obulb Plus at the same time with a simple tap. More functions are available, such as music rhythm, countdown, game of whack-a-mole, etc. Moreover, the family management function allows you to share your Obulb Plus with others while also sharing your happiness. The Obulb Plus adopts a touch switch on its top, with which you can easily choose from 7 modes manually, and it also features stepless dimming by pressing and holding the switch. With the magnetic bottom, it can be conveniently attached around your house when paired with the adhesive metal badge. This high-quality light orb also boasts 1m impact resistance and IPX7 waterproof rating. The Obulb Plus will bring all of you better experiences in smart lighting.

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