Olight Arkfeld Review--Why is Arkfeld So Popular in Canada?

Olight Arkfeld Review--Why is Arkfeld So Popular in Canada?

Olight has recently unveiled a brand-new product- the Arkfeld.

Best EDC Flashlight Arkfeld

At the first glance, many think it is an Apple TV remote. In fact, this new flashlight is very much an EDC light, first and foremost, boasting 1000 lumens of moderately floody light and a built-in green laser pointer.

This revolutionary EDC flashlight, Arkfeld, was extremely well received by Ofans, industrial professions and social media when it was released. It sold out very quickly! Now back in stock! What are the unique benefits of this new, flat flashlight design that makes people so eager to own one?

Below are some reasons that I think help to explain Arkfeld’s popularity as the best EDC flashlight.

1. Unique One- piece-like Design

This artful and practical design is one of the points that attracts many people. Rectangular, slim, and flat (except for the necessary button and clip), there is no redundancy to the the Arkfeld. It is purely simple but powerful.

With its sleek design, the Arkfeld has only 2 screws in its entire body that simply attach the clip. Most other flashlights of similar design are mostly made of at least two pieces, and they require at least 4 screws to connect and fasten the multiple parts together. However, the Arkfeld has greatly taken advantage of its one-piece processing design to seem as if it’s only one-piece in appearance.

 Its main body is machined out of a rectangular aluminum alloy bar of 0.59 inches in thickness and 0.98 inches in width. After all the components and parts are assembled, a cleverly designed back cover is installed and fastened tightly with 2 screws and adhesive. Everything is so elaborately designed that you can hardly see or feel any gaps as you use this flashlight and realize its one-piece design is a thing of art.

Take a look at the processing of its main body and imagine the true feel

2.Its Size and Shape Are Optimal for EDC and Daily Use

Here are its dimensions along with some common items for comparison: 0.59 inches in height,

EDC flashlight with height 0.59 inches

which is as flat as a 200-page paperback book.

Arkfeld is as flat as a 200-page paperback book

0.98 inches in width, which is very similar to the diameter of a quarter (0.955 inches).

Best EDC Flashlight Arkfeld Width 0.98"

4.33 inches in length, which is about the height of a 12 oz coffee cup.

best EDC flashlight Arkfeld length is 4.33 inches


Since its flatter, it’s much easier to carry, sliding into your pocket, purse, or briefcase more easily and without the bulging a traditionally styled flashlight would cause. It can even be carried easily in skinny jeans or inside the waistband (IWB).

Arkfeld is easily carried in skinny jeans or inside a waistband (IWB)

Its flat shape also means it won’t roll. Set it down confidently on a desk or table with no concern of it falling on the floor. Arkfeld will always be where you left it.

Flat flashlight Arkfeld, more stable placement

It’s easy to store, can be found very quickly

Flat flashlight Arkfeld is easy to store

Portable and flexible

EDC Flashlight Arkfeld Portable and Flexible

The flat design has ergonomic benefits as well. When paired with Arkfeld’s innovative and user-friendly interface, you’ll find that your thumb will naturally fall onto the light’s controls for effortless operation, even in the dark.

Best EDC flashlight Arkfeld is ergonomic and easy to operate

3.It’s a Revolutionary, Dual Purpose “craft” for Work and Recreation

The combination of a bright white LED and a green laser pointer gives Arkfeld amazing versatility. Ofans already know the amazing utility a bright, rechargeable light provides, but what about the laser pointer function? 

Use it in the office to enhance your presentations, on the jobsite to accurately highlight areas of concern, or in the classroom to make your lectures more engaging. However, you don’t have to be in a business meeting, at a construction site, or teaching a class to find the laser pointer extremely useful. 

Arkfeld's green laser could be used for presentations

Once you have the ability to easily point out specific items from afar, you’ll be amazed at how often your use. You can show the landscaper exactly which branch needs trimming, point out tripping hazards for people walking behind you while hiking, show someone exactly which item you would like from a high and crowded shelf, and so much more. Additionally, it can be an amusing pet artifact: the rotary button of the dial switch can be switched between light and laser modes seamlessly. It’s absolutely a perfect pet artifact for those with pets, especially for funny cats and training dogs to fetch fixed-point objects.

Arkfeld's green laser can be used to play with pets

Overall, the benefits of a flat flashlight are numerous, and Arkfeld is a great example of what happens when a company like Olight thinks outside the box, combining form and function in one great new product. It will feel comfortable in your hand on even the longest days, while conveying a quiet confidence through its revolutionary design and high-quality materials. Thus, why not own this stylish, convenient, multi-functional, and fashionable best EDC flashlight like I do and feel the pride of ownership that it brings you?

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