The Best Companion For Camping Travel - Haloop Camping Metal Lamp

The Best Companion For Camping Travel - Haloop Camping Metal Lamp

The appearance of Olight Haloop is clear at a glance. The body is "UFO-like". There is an opening in the center tofit an umbrella pole (or other cylindrical objects) with a diameter of 20-55mm. There are rubber spring tension clips on both sides that clip securely to any rod you install without any manual adjustments.

Olight makes Haloop very flexible considering the user scenario. There are two hooks on the top of the light that can be flipped over as needed. These are perfect for hanging Haloop from a tree branch or anything above your head. But that's not all: Olight included a “binding strap adapter” and binding straps.The adapter is a sturdy plastic plug that you clip onto a post in the middle. It has slots at the top for passing through the strap. The included strap has a plastic loop on one end made of hook and loop (aka Velcro) material. These are perfect for attaching the Haloop to the center hub of a pole-less umbrella or pop-up awning. But wait - there's more! Even if you don't have an umbrella or anything to hang the Haloop, the shoulder strap adapter has a tripod mount on the bottom. The tripod mount adds a variety of mounting options.

Haloop has a wide variety of use cases. Of course, it's perfect for attaching to a patio umbrella or pop-up tent/canopy. It's also great for camping, where you can hang it from a tree branch or other overhanging object. The tripod mount mentioned above means you can take it anywhere - an open area in your backyard, or even a tabletop with a small tripod. Heck, it can even be used for indoor lighting during power outages or off-grid cabins.

The body of the Haloop is all metal, made of aluminum alloy sheets. It's smooth and sturdy. It is available in three colors: black, clay beige, and forest green.  The lens on the bottom is protected by a wire cage.

Six LED filaments provide orange light and a band of LEDs behind the diffuser provides a white light source. Haloop features stepless dimming with 10 to 600-lumen output, helping you easily create the perfect ambiance for any occasion or give the right light temperature and brightness for any task with a single control knob. 360-degree soft light beam covers a large area, sculpting bright, comfortable, and relaxing areas through the darkness.

Haloop waterproof grade is IPX5, so you don't have to be afraid of light rain outside. The Haloop has an impact rating of 0.8 meters.


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

2-Year Warranty: Contact Olight for repair or replacement.


The Olight Haloop is essentially a super flexible pendant light with excellent two-color output, long run times, and great build quality. the Haloop is the perfect companion for backyard events, camping trips, power outages, and off-grid excursions.

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