Top 5 Tactical flashlight for self-defense

Top 5 Tactical flashlight for self-defense

Are you seeking a simple and convenient way to protect yourself? If the answer is yes, then maybe a daily defense flashlight is your first option. It is handy and easy to operate, which can make a good influence as well as the common protective tools. And for those who are used to taking weapons for self-defense. There is no other better choice than a tactical flashlight that can be taken as good assistance for them. Unlike traditional LED light, a defense tactical flashlight can sport a brighter and more focused beam which can identify the threats as well as disorient the attackers in some dangerous situations. And it can also provide a signal for help, greatly increasing the chance of saving a life. Though defense tactical flashlight has irreplaceable functions, it still needs to be selected by different groups of people. To know how we should pick it and the proper options for it, please go ahead and take your pick among the following reviews of the top 5 tactical flashlights for self-defense.

Top 5 Review about it 

Best budget: Warrior Mini 2 Compact EDC Tactical Flashlight

The Warrior Mini 2 tactical flashlight won our selection for the best affordable tactical flashlight by cranking up the maximum output to 1750 lumens and can reach up to 220 meters throw of distance. What makes it different from other self-defense tactical flashlights is that it has moonlight mode, which can even run for 45 days with just only 1-lumen output performance. There are even magnetic USB-charging cables, so it’s easy to keep this light ready for whatever situation comes your way. This is all included in a light that retails for less than $90; There is almost no other tactical flashlight like this one that owns powerful functions for this price.

The killer feature here is a two-stage tactical tail switch. With a single press, it can give you a beam intensity of 12300 candelas. In addition, it gives us instant access to the most useful four modes which include turbo, High, Med, and low. And you can also activate the strobe as well as the turbo function. Plus, the handy slide switch will let you change any favorite settings. Though it is not the most compact one with a medium length of 4.65 inches, it is just right for your pocket size in daily use. Overall, it enjoys the best price versus performance ratio.

Most lightweight: Baldr Mini Tactical Light & Green Laser Combo

Prefer to pick a tactical flashlight in the minimum size? Then you may need this Baldr Mini, which is more compact than our top pick and has a long-standing reputation on Olight lists. With only a half-palm size body and the lightest weight of merely 3.06 oz, it is ideal for clipping to a hat brim or the pocket. Output from the Baldr Min is average for modern lights this size at only 600 lumens, but your accuracy of visibility will be greatly enhanced due to its combination of LED light and Green Laser. If you are fond of Greenlight, this one could fit your taste well. 

Moreover, it is pretty easy to toggle between different modes. On the one hand, it can get instant access to green beam levels with a quick flip in a few seconds. And on the other hand, the ambidextrous switch allows you to have smooth activation between momentary-on or constant-on settings by either hand. To mount this light on your weapon to the best position, you need to consider the adaptability to your gun rails. And this one can perfectly fit both Glock and Picatinny rails. To be brief, take this gadget and you will get what you need.

Greatest performance: Warrior X 3 Tactical Flashlight

If you want the best performance of lumens output, this amazing Warrior X 3 tactical flashlight may meet your expectations. Focused by a carefully-designed reflector of 3mm Tempered Glass Lens, it can cast a balanced beam and reach a long throw up to 560 meters. Regardless of its ordinary outlook and crude design, it can generate a stunning 2500 lumens beam of light, which outperforms any other tactical flashlight on the whole. Besides, it has premium features in its equipment such as the steel wheel ring, which permits you to grip comfortably and securely in any conditions. 

The key point is it can be widely used in our self-defense with a striking tip. There are two color options for this Warrior X3 edition. One is black and the other is desert camouflage. You can choose which one you like. Unlike the other exquisite tactical flashlight, it has a unique appearance with a glass-breaking strike bezel, adding another protective barrier for self-defense by shattering the glass instantly in some specific emergency. What’s more, a built-in heavy-duty aluminum alloy can endure any touch conditions. It has passed the 2-meter drop test and can be water-resistant, which exactly stands out among our recommendations today. Order it now if you like!

The latest bright LEP light: Valkyrie Turbo LEP Lighting

The Olight valkyrie turbo LEP light is the world’s first WML for short setups, which was approved by the FDA and uses an awesome technology of LEP. The most astounding feature is that it can defeat the darkness in any condition. What impresses me most is the ultra brightness at the same distance, which can blast the nice focused beam at 70225 cd. This strongest brightness can exceedingly improve the penetration of the darkness and some special conditions such as mist and spray. 

Compared with Odin Turbo, it has eye-safe white color instead of a yellowish one. Since it has been released these days, it has got a great number of applauses for its special brightness. Some users love it as a backyard light because it doesn’t light up the neighbors' houses. And others favor it for it helps pinpoint objects. Without any exception, it can be used to throw out the threat to protect us. Unlike other conventional LED lights, this Valkyrie Turbo can produce a tight spotlight without any spill by providing a narrow and balanced beam of light. If you decide to purchase this new LEP, you can get an exclusive free CR123A battery, which has a long life. It’s a future-proof option for charging the light, anyhow. 

Longest runtime: Warrior 3S Tactical Flashlight

If compact, affordable and bright aren’t your top priorities, then the Warrior 3S might be a good pick for its longest runtime. Emitted by an intense beam of 2300 lumens and a throw of 300 meters long, it can last for 55 days long at the lowest settings. It includes 4 levels of brightness level and battery indicators around the side switch, which makes the clearest interface with a single glance.

And the smart dual-stage tail switch can give you easy access to many key settings with a quick press. It can support the optional dual-button magnetic remote switch with a patented push-to-lock system, accessing two outputs swiftly during high-stress situations. The most considerate point is that it offers variable carry options with a heavy-duty pocket clip and a rugged pouch, which increases the simplicity of carrying. In terms of charging the light, it’s a future-proof choice. Built-in rechargeable batteries can be filled up by an MCC3 USB magnetic cable. Come and look at this brilliant product and you can get a 5-year quality warranty.

How to use it for self-defense?

Find a proper position to hold without a weapon

If you get used to holding the flashlight without any weapon, then you need to carry and hold it in your strong right hand all the time. While using the tactical flashlight as a self-defense tool, keep the light in your dominant hand as this has more power than your off-hand. You want to place as much power behind your strike as possible. 

Please hold it in a way that you think is most comfortable, but always keep the bezel edge downward in a striking position. A good hand position is to have your thumb on the same side as the strike force.

Hold it with a weapon

For those who know exactly how to hold the weapon with a flashlight, there are several common ways to be suggested. No matter which way to choose, they have to be inspected and trained by professionals. One of the most popular methods of using it is in the FBI Technique way, which intends to hold it in a defensive position. This means you’ll need to put your thumb on the tail cap, and then grab the tactical flashlight with your supporting hand. Next, wrap your palm and fingers around the body of the flashlight. Try to extend the arm holding the flashlight away from your body, high and away from the support shoulder, and angle the light toward the target. The major purpose of this technique is that avoid an armed attacker firing shots, they will fire at the source of the light instead of you. 

Another appreciated method is called The Eye Index Technique, which uses a one-handed approach. This method requires several steps to finish. At first, you will need to hold your tactical flashlight in your non-dominant hand so that the light is by your eye. This mainly helps you to see the target and prevents you from any head strikes. Secondly, you should extend your gun hand out to modify the way you hold the gun for recoil control. In this step, you can’t extend your arm out and have to leave a slight bend in your elbow, which can enhance your domination of operation.


Now that you should have a clear idea about using the tactical flashlight for self-defense. Indeed, a free flashlight on the phone can save as much money if we just use it for simple daily identification. However, it also puts us in a dangerous place that no one wants to think about. After all, no one knows exactly whether tomorrow or accidence will come first in this dramatic society. Therefore, a decent tactical flashlight for self-defense can make a difference by strengthening the resistance to the risk. Carrying a tactical flashlight can be fundamental to building your sense of security sometimes. When you walk along the narrow street that is spread with dimming light, brighter light will give you the same brightness as well as the daylight, which can eliminate your fear of dark and danger. There are many high-class tactical flashlights available on Olight these days. Come to choose the best one for yourself now!

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