UV Flashlight What It Is and How to Use It

UV Flashlight What It Is and How to Use It

What is a UV Flashlight?

UV flashlight is a special kind of flashlight. They don't emit high lumen values to illuminate the field of view like traditional flashlights. Instead, they make certain things, signs and materials visible through ultraviolet light.

As the name suggests, UV flashlights emit ultraviolet light. This allows the human eye to see things like markings or substances. This is because these things are invisible to humans under normal daylight or LED lights and cannot be perceived with any senses.

On the other hand, UV radiation, or simply UV, ultraviolet radiation, ultraviolet light, or black light, covers the wavelength range from 100 to 380 nm. It is a form of electromagnetic radiation outside the human visible spectrum.

Relevant wavelength

UV flashlight is classified as an LED flashlight because it produces visible light. The longer the wavelength of light, the more likely an LED flashlight will work as a normal flashlight. Under normal circumstances, light below 380nm is usually invisible to us. More visible violet light is produced at wavelengths of 380-450nm. As shown in the figure below, the light with a wavelength of 380nm-450nm is violet light.

Use of UV flashlight

The possible uses of a flashlight with UV rays are vast. Here are a few simple examples:

Outdoor Treasure Hunting and Banknote Inspection

Some minerals fluoresce to ultraviolet light and thus glow clearly under ultraviolet radiation.

So when looking for such UV-active minerals, use a UV flashlight. Sometimes even tiny fissures can be seen in gemstones, so UV flashlights are useful for late-night treasure hunts.

In addition, these flashlights can also help verify the authenticity of banknotes. That's because real banknotes are embedded with fibers that glow under ultraviolet light. The same applies to checking identity documents, passports or identity cards.

Locating and Marking

In most cases, UV flashlights can also be used to locate invisible writing or markings on surfaces. Commonly used in games with turn signals and billboards, these markers cannot be seen with standard LED flashlights or with the naked eye. Therefore, a suitable UV lamp is essential here. Pocket UV torches are especially useful as they take up little space and are very economical thanks to LED technology.

Flea and tick detection

Fleas and ticks can be difficult to spot on pets, but they will fluoresce under Arkfeld UV, making them easier to detect.

Home Hygiene and Cleaning

Ultraviolet light also plays a role in medicine and biology. With the help of a UV flashlight, hygiene problems in sheets, rugs, or other textiles can be quickly identified. Urine contamination in the toilet area is also clearly visible in this way. For this reason, pet owners often use UV flashlights to spot dry pet urine stains on carpet or floors. Here, dried urine liquid crystals fluoresce under ultraviolet light.

Track and hunt

For police, the ability of ultraviolet light to make bodily fluids visible could be used to solve crimes. Traces of urine or semen can provide important clues in police work. Wounded prey can also be more easily tracked with UV light when hunting.

Pest Control

Arkfeld UV can help detect pests like bed bugs, scorpions, and other insects which are attracted to UV light.

What Makes Olight Arkfeld UV One of the Best UV Flashlights?

● Olight’s First LED & UV Light

A traditional White LED with 5 brightness levels and a max output of 1,000 lumens combined with a UV light. 

● Versatile UV Light

The UV light emits a powerful 580mW (365nm wavelength)light to help you see things otherwise invisible to the naked eye. From checking counterfeit money, identifying for fluorescent minerals or insects to making sure your hotel room is clean. 

● Intuitive Interface

The center button easily turns the Arkfeld UV on/off and controls the white LED's brightness and modes. Use the convenient outer ring to select either the white LED light or the UV light.

● Two Color Temperatures Available

Choose from Cool White & Neutral White emitters depending on your personal preference. 

● Ultra-thin & Anti-slip Body

A unique flat shape design with anti-slip grip milling makes it extremely comfortable to hold in your hand or carry in a pocket. (Only 3.07oz in weight and 0.59 inches in thickness)

● Two-way Pocket Clip with a Lanyard Hole & Magnetic Base

The two-way clip clamps tightly onto a shirt, pocket or hat for easy carrying. The clip also includes an integrated lanyard hole. The Arkfeld UV also features a magnetic base allowing you to easily attach it to a metal surface.

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