VIP ALERT! 20+ New Arrivals for Halloween!

VIP ALERT! 20+ New Arrivals for Halloween!


Over 20 new products have arrived for this Halloween party!

Warrior Mini 2 Orange&White, Seeker 3 Pro Midnight Blue, Open Pro Ember Red, Perun 2 Purple and the lists goes on...

Seeker 3 Pro

4200 lumens/ 15 days/ 250 meters

If you are an outdoor enthusiasts, this light is perfectly tailor-made for you! Besides its ultra-bright beam and astounding throw, the newly adopted rotary knob switch on the head brings easier adjustment for brightness level. And its built-in proximity & thermal sensors keep the light and nearby objects safe on higher settings!

   Warrior Mini 2

1750 lumens/ 45 days/ 220 meters

As one of the most powerful compact tactical lights on the market, besides its astounding output and super-long throw ensures your safety at dark night, its proximity sensor also brings more flexible experience during operation.    

M2R Pro

1800 lumens/ 50 days/ 300 meters

M2R Pro is the next level in tactical flashlights. Powered by a 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable battery, it runs up to 50 days, keeps you long company during night action. You can easily get it on service via just a single magnetic remote pressure switch, versatile light with simple operation.

Open Pro

120 lumens/ 8 hours/ 14 meters

It's a pen can write with a green beam can point and a LED light can also use as an EDC light! Numerous people have attracted to its versatility, presentation, meeting, lecture or just night patrolling, it'll surprise you in any way. Now it's back with super-cool colorEmber Red!

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