Warrior 3 VS Warrior X 3 , Which Tactical Flashlight Would You Choose

Warrior 3 VS Warrior X 3 , Which Tactical Flashlight Would You Choose

Warrior 3 and Warrior X 3 , which tactical flashlight would you choose?

Under what circumstances will a tactical flashlight be used?


When you are in the dark and need to use a bright flashlight to detect latent dangers.

When you need a flashlight with high lumen and prominent defensive functions when you are on duty.

When you need to smash the glass to find an exit in an emergency.

When man-made danger comes and it is necessary to attack the target by hacking, smashing, or stabbing the target with the help of a striker.

Warrior x 3 and Warrior 3 ,Which tactical flashlight would you choose?

1. WARRIOR X 3-classic tactical flashlight, defense upgrade

       (1) Warrior X 3 can also be called Warrior X Pro 2, which is an upgraded version of Warrior X Pro. Compared with the previous one, it has continued the battery reminder function and classic tactical flashlight’s tail button design, with little increase in size and weight. In the case of, the lumen, range and running time have been greatly improved, and the three zirconium beads on the stainless steel attack head also make the defense function outstanding.


In the first place, the brightness of Warrior X 3 is equipped with high-efficiency SFT-70X-W LED lamp beads. Compared with Warrior X Pro, the highest luminous flux is increased by 19%, reaching 2500 lumens, and the range can reach 560 meters. Survival in the wilderness, or search and rescue at night, the light of 78000CD is enough to help you light up the road in the dark.

(2) Outstanding defense function: the stainless steel attack head of the Warrior X 3 is evenly inlaid with 3 zirconium beads. They can be used as an auxiliary striking tool to hit opponents in the fight between law enforcement and hunting; in daily emergency situations, it can defend yourself and escape by breaking glass . Anti-handshake flashlight, tap with one of the points of the attack head, the tapping effect is the best. At the same time, the newly designed detachable stainless steel tactical ring (Warrior Ring) is easy to hold and the tip of the ring is designed to facilitate self-defense. When facing danger, the small and sharp ring can often quietly give the opponent a sudden blow. The silicone tactical ring can be replaced in daily use, which is flexible and convenient.


(3)  Tail design upgrade: The Warrior X 3's tail has an anti-short circuit and false trigger circuit design. The tail button is lit with one button and the user can use it at ease. At the same time, the upgraded tail cover can also choose a magnetic two-button wire-controlled mouse tail switch, which is more convenient when used with a long gun. The metal and mute switch buttons allow you to silently seize the opportunity in the confrontation between the two sides of the enemy, turn on the machine for one second and shoot the opponent's eyes directly, causing dizziness and facilitating escape.

(4) Charging: Warrior X 3 is equipped with 5000mAh 21700 lithium-ion battery, the battery capacity supports the product's operating time of up to 8H. Worried about not knowing in time when there is no electricity? Don’t worry, the Warrior X 3 has a built-in smart motor, which will silently vibrate to remind you of the battery status when the flashlight needs to be charged, so that even if you were hunting, you don’t need to worry about the prey being disturbed and run away on the other hand. And your attention wouldn’t be distracted.

(5) The flashlight is very sturdy and durable: When the Warrior X 3 body adopts an aviation aluminum alloy shell, the surface is three-level hard oxidation, taking into account the corrosion resistance. IPX8 waterproof, 2 meters anti-drop. Whether you are an outdoor adventurer or a law enforcement or hunter, a powerful Warrior X 3 flashlight is a faithful companion to accompany you to complete every adventure.

2. WARRIOR 3-classic straight two-button tactical EDC flashlight

It’s Warrior 3’s turn. In the comparison, the introduction can not only review the previous knowledge points, but also highlight the products to be described. Next, we will introduce Warrior 3 in the comparison.

(1) Warrior 3 is a high-light flashlight equipped with a new Luminus SFT-70X-W cool white LED and TIR lens output. The maximum lumens can reach 2300 lumens, and the longest range can reach 300 meters. The highlight mode can reach 23000 cd and high lumens. The output is also exactly eye-catching in the night, and it is also equipped with a carrying clip and a backpack. It is more convenient to carry during night walking and outdoor exploration, and it is convenient to upgrade.


       (2) Compared with the single-tail button dual-shift operation of Warrior X 3, the operation mode of Warrior 3 continues the dual-button design of a straight flashlight, equipped with a tactical tail button, which supports two-level operation of light pressing and heavy pressing, and it can light up. ; The side buttons are used for daily lighting, and the multi-level output can be selected on demand. Better to meet the daily use of various occasions

(3) The 8-level instrument panel is located on both sides of the side buttons, with 4-level brightness display and 5-level power display respectively, and the gear mode and lighting conditions are clear at a glance. Compared with the low-battery vibrating alert of Warrior X 3, which one would you prefer to remind you of the volume?


(4) Warrior 3 is IPX8 waterproof and 1.5M drop resistance. The blue tooth-shaped sharp attack head is matched with an aluminum alloy body, which is durable and gives you a sense of security for self-defense. Compared with the Warrior X 3's 3 can zirconium bead attack head, which one do you think will make you feel more secure?


(5) Both Warrior 3 and Warrior X 3 support the optional dual-level wire control switch, which can switch between two levels of brightness without changing the holding posture. Extend the length of the switch and upgrade the sense of experience. At the same time, it supports MCC3 magnetic charging. When the charger is near the tail of the flashlight, it can be quickly connected and charged quickly.


3. The difference between Warrior X 3 and Warrior 3

After a detailed introduction of Warrior X 3 and Warrior 3, do you have a specific outline of the performance of WARRIOR X 3 and WARRIOR 3 in your mind? If you still have doubts, the following table tells you the difference.



Max Lumens


2300 Lumens

Max Throw


300 M





Battery Type(included)

Customized 5000mAh   21700 Lithium-ion Battery

Customized 3.6V   5000mAh 21700 Lithium-ion Battery


Operate Mode

Tail Switch

Side Switch ,Tail   Switch

Light Source

High Performance Cool   White LED (6500K)

High Performance Cool   White LED




Body Diameter




8.99oz/255g (Including   Battery and Warrior Ring)

6.21oz/176g (Including   Battery)

Body Material

Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum Alloy











Warrior X 3 (Battery   Included) x 1

Warrior Ring x 1

Silicone Tactical Grip   Ring x 1

MCC3 USB Magnetic   Charging Cable x 1

Holster x 1

User Manual x 1

Warrior 3 (Battery   Included) x 1

Pocket Clip x 1

MCC3 USB Magnetic   Charging Cable x 1

Holster x 1

User Manual x 1

Recommended Use

Night Security/Patrol
Law Enforcement

Search & Rescue



Everyday Carry



Law Enforcement

Warrior 3 and Warrior x 3, which tactical flashlight would you choose?

Let the action tell me your choice (Hurry up and place an order for your favorite product!)

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