What types of flashlights are there?

What types of flashlights are there?

These days, high-quality flashlights are often divided into different categories. Through this classification, you can roughly estimate its use. Generally, we divide flashlights into tactical flashlights, EDC flashlights, mini flashlights, hunting flashlights, headlights, etc.

Within these categories, we also distinguish between long-range, flood and all-around flashlights, if necessary. These names refer to the lighting characteristics of the lamp. Police flashlights, military flashlights and other categories are divided according to the user population.

The following is a brief description based on the above categories:

Tactical Flashlight

The Tactical Flashlight is a modern, powerful LED flashlight that is also exceptionally strong and stable. Other than that, these lights are perfect for outdoor use due to their extremely rugged and durable design. Most models are shock-resistant, moisture-resistant, water-resistant, and more.

The shell of a tactical flashlight is usually made of aluminum alloy, which can withstand a 1-meter or 1.5-meter drop and other impacts, and the flashlight with a tactical head can even break a window in an emergency.

Most tactical flashlights can often be used as signal transmitters or even for self-defense due to their special light patterns.To this end, tactical flashlights usually have lighting functions such as warning, flashing and strobe.
Tactical flashlights are not only ideal companions on the go. These lights can also be used on four walls in the home. In case of a power outage, going into the basement or in many other situations, such a flashlight is almost an indispensable helper that should not be missing in any home, in any car and in any outdoor activity in the dark.

Mini LED Flashlight

A mini flashlight is a small flashlight that usually fits on a key chain. Despite their small size, mini flashlights are incredibly powerful these days. At first glance, you might not believe that many mini flashlights can emit such bright light. This will give you an immediate good impression of how well these small flashlights perform.

EDC Flashlight

EDC flashlight is the abbreviation of "Everyday Carry" (everyday carry) flashlight. It is a small, portable, hand-held lighting tool designed for everyday use and on-the-go. Since flashlights are so useful in so many situations, it's no surprise that flashlights are a common part of EDC gear. This flashlight is also known as an EDC flashlight.

UV Flashlight

A UV flashlight is a special type of hand-held lighting tool that produces primarily an ultraviolet (UV) beam of light. UV flashlights are usually used in the following ways:

Detection and identification: UV flashlights can be used to detect and identify various substances and materials. Ultraviolet rays can cause certain substances or compounds to undergo fluorescent reactions. By observing the color and intensity of fluorescence, the composition and properties of substances can be judged. For example, in forensic science, UV flashlights can detect the presence of blood or other bodily fluids.

Security check: UV flashlight can be used for security check and anti-counterfeiting verification. Many items and signs are printed with coated or printed inks that are only visible under ultraviolet light. For example, ID cards, passports, currency, credit cards, etc. may all have visible or hidden UV signatures. A UV flashlight can help users confirm the presence of these features to ensure the authenticity and safety of the item.

Bill counterfeiting: Ultraviolet flashlights are also commonly used in bill counterfeiting. Many banknotes and receipts have special UV-responsive features such as fluorescent fibers, watermarks, security threads, denomination markings, etc. By illuminating banknotes with an ultraviolet flashlight, these reactive features can be identified to determine the authenticity of the bill.

CU Flashlight

Cu flashlights, as the name suggests, are made of copper rather than anodized aluminum. Flashlights like this look especially beautiful and tend to be collector's items and true classics for enthusiasts.

Cu flashlights are heavier and more expensive than traditional flashlights. The appeal of these lamps aside from the special look, is the fact that they change over time (patina).

Hunting Flashlight

Hunting flashlights are special lights for hunters and wildlife watchers. Compared with ordinary flashlights, hunting flashlights usually have stronger brightness, longer range and specific functions to meet the special needs of hunters in outdoor environments.

About choosing a hunting flashlight, you can refer to the previous article: How to Choose the Best Hunting Flashlight.

Police Flashlight

We often see police officers carrying flashlights in special holsters or hanging the flashlight holster from their belts. A police flashlight like this should always be at the ready and ready for quick use.

Almost everyone has probably seen this type of police flashlight used by the police during night inspections. In principle, police flashlights are increasingly being used by other emergency services such as fire brigades, mountain rescue agencies or others.

Police flashlights can also be tactical flashlights, as they are usually extra tough, can be used in the rain, and work reliably. Certain tactical flashlights are specially designed to be easily operated even with gloves on, which is certainly an important feature of a police flashlight.

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