Who is the Best Ghost Hunter? Come to Get Your Prize

Who is the Best Ghost Hunter? Come to Get Your Prize

Who is the Best Ghost Hunter? Come to Get Your Prize!

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

 A few days ago, Olight Canada Team spent Halloween together in Happy Valley in China and learned a lot about Halloween customs. The road in the park was decorated with jack-o-lanterns and we also saw many kinds of ghosts. So we are curious about which ghost you plan to dress up for Halloween this year. Vampire, devil or goblin?

Recently some mysterious ghosts also patronize our site, they hide on the site all corners, have you found? If you can find them, you can get FREE Ball Light Obulb MC Purple. Come and join us.

Game Rules:

1. Ghosts Hunting Time: Now -- 2021/10/29 23:59:00 EDT

2. Game Content:  There are some ghost names hidden on the  product description of our site, you need to find these ghost names through browsing the product descriptions and leave your answer included THREE ghost names and the corresponding product names below the comment. Whoever finds all three ghost names the fastest and correctly gets one Obulb MC purple. There will be three rounds of game, each round has three ghosts to appear and  has one winner to get prize.

3. The ghosts list of each round:

Round 1: Vampire;  Werewolf; Zombie

Round 2: Goblin;  Medusa; Mummy

Round 3: Skeleton;  Jack-o-lanterns; Centaur


1.   Example of Answer: i5R : Goblin; Warrior Mini 2: Medusa; Olantern: Mummy

2.   The ghost names will like this: Goblin⊙▽⊙

3.   Once someone comments the correct answer, this round of ghosts will disappear on the site, and a new round of ghosts will appear;

4.    Ghosts like to hide in "old houses" (maybe old product description);

After the event, we will announce the winner list of the Best Ghost Hunters. We’re looking forward to your participation.

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