Black Friday Benefits Guide, click this, definitely will not miss anything!

Black Friday Benefits Guide, click this, definitely will not miss anything!

Have you been waiting to save money, and take part in Black Friday deals? Who isn’t excited about that? But if you want to make the most of this years biggest shopping event, it’s critical that you start planning as early as possible. 

Undoubtedly, there's no way that Olight will miss this super shopping experience. We will be offering many special benefits for our O-fan members. 


To help you plan your Black Friday shopping better, we'll list our best Black Friday deals and discounts here. So you will never miss out on our Black Friday benefits. Hooray! Trust us, you are going to find some amazing Olight Black Friday sales from this blog!


Our Black Friday Sale will include:

Up To 50% Off

Sitewide 20% Off

Free Gift for logging in

Lucky Wheel

Treasure Hunt

Update to membership benefits

Our Tier Gift returns

Mystery Pack

CAD$100 Coupon

Facebook group Giveaway

Newsletter Giveaway

Blog Giveaway


1.  Up To 50% Off

We are offering the biggest discounts to celebrate Black Friday

We have prepared a great set of deals for you to choose from, 

including up to 50% off some special offers. 

If you don't want to miss this truly once-in-a-lifetime chance, 

please stay tuned for our Black Friday.

2.  Sitewide 20% Off

Besides some amazing up to 50% off deals, we are having a huge sitewide sale too! 

Our Black Friday Event will offer an overall sitewide discount of 20% off. 

Everything will enjoy a discount!

3. Login Gift

Who doesn't like free stuff? We have prepared some amazing free gifts for all customers!

It only takes a few seconds to log in and claim your free login gift! 

It seems quite simple, doesn't it? Let's do it! We promise you will love our login gift

4. Lucky Wheel

Do you like the lucky wheel? We know some people enjoy it. 

Because it makes people feel a mix of emotions like curiosity, surprise, and happiness. 

During Black Friday, don't forget to spin our lucky wheel to win some prizes! Wishing you good luck!

5.  Treasure Hunt

       Recently Santa Claus patronizes our site in advance and hides some newly released flashlight pictures on the site in all corners. Have you found them? You can Win FREE Prize If you can find them. Come and join us. You also can invite friends, family, or co-workers to participate in this Treasure Hunt Game.


6. Update Membership Benefits

Want some insider info? Shhhh…

This Black Friday we will update membership benefits.  Blue Diamond and above members will be able to redeem for a Globaly limited edition flashlight. 

What’s more, we have prepared a Birthday exclusive gift,

 Yellow Diamond and above members will be able to redeem for a Birthday gift 

in the Preferential Zone during their Birthday month. Yay!

7. CAD$100 Coupon

Not only that, we have also prepared a CAD$100 Coupon. Buy more, Save more!!

CODE: BF100  (100 CAD Coupon Code for ORDERS ≥ 899)

Valid for 8:00PM 11/20 - 11:59PM 11/28 EST


8. Tier Gift

We will be offering various tier gifts for different orders on black Friday.

9. Mystery Pack

Love surprises? (Yup, us too!)

Welcome the Mystery Pack, meaning that there is a random choice of what comes in them.

Grab one of our Mystery Packs, and we'll send you a super-special, totally secret pack! Are you in?


10. Facebook group Giveaway

Don't forget to go to Facebook, where fun and exciting online activities will be held throughout the sale.

Join us and have fun with the huge number of fellow O-Fans and earn chances to win some amazing freebies!

11. Newsletter Giveaway

Have you subscribed to our newsletter yet? We certainly hope so

Not only will you receive our latest news and occasional giveaways, but you'll also receive a 10% off coupon!! Wahoo!

Also on Black Friday, if you are subscribed to our newsletter, and place an order using our special link, 

you will have a chance to win free order!

 More details? We will release them during the Black Friday sale. 

12. Blog Giveaway

More free stuff, O-fans! There will be 3 free gifts available for the blog giveaway. 

Just leave a comment on the blog itself and you will have a chance to win a gift.


Are you ready and excited for Black Friday? 

 This is Your Invitation To Our Exclusive Black Friday Sale. 

There will be more exciting things happening during the Black Friday Sale, so please stay tuned! 

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