Treasure hunt Game, Come to Win your prize!

Treasure hunt Game, Come to Win your prize!

  Welcome to the Treasure Hunt Game! If you love playing search and find hidden objects games, you have come to the right place! 

Let us guess — the last time you participated in a treasure hunt was likely when you were a child, So to relive the fun, we give many Olight Fans opportunities to win newly released products through a quest-based format.

Recently Santa Claus patronizes our site in advance and hides some newly released flashlight pictures on the site in all corners, have you found them? You can Win FREE Prize If you can find them. Come and join us. You also can invite friends, family, or co-workers to participate in this Treasure Hunt Game.

Game Rules:

1. Time for a Treasure hunt: Start 2022/11/17 20:00:00 EST

2. Game Content: There are some newly released flashlights hidden in the product picture on our website, you need to find these small pictures with flashlights by browsing the product pictures and leaving your answer including two flashlight colors and the corresponding product names below the comment. Whoever finds the answer the fastest and correctly can get the corresponding prize.

There will be three rounds of the game, each round has two small picture flashlights appearing and the fastest finder will get the prize each round. (The model will be announced in advance each round, you need to find the color of the corresponding model and which flashlight are they hidden in)

3. The Product picture list of each round:

Round 1: Marauder Mini、PL -3(Winner: Sharif osmanovic)

Round 2: Baton 3 Pro、Perun 2 (Winner: Riley Percy)

Round 3: Warrior 3S、I3T((Winner: Riley Percy)

4. Here're some tips for quick treasure hunt:

① Example of Answer: Arkfeld: I5T Plus OD Green and i1R2 Pro Black

 The small picture will be hidden like this: 

Thanks for all your like and participation. Treasure Hunt Game has ended, congrats Sharif osmanovic and Riley Percy! It doesn't matter if you didn't win or missed the game. Looking forward to the next event.  Please more pay attention to our website, we will prepare more gifts next time!

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