How to Save Money:  5 Super Saving Tips!

How to Save Money: 5 Super Saving Tips!

How to save money: 5 Super saving tips!


Hey, o-fans~ Are you ready for the O Fan Day and Flash Sale?

Here are some great points for you if you need.

We are sure that you could get many surprises and exquisite new releases on this sale.

Let’s take a look together !!!

First, after log in, we kindly let you know that everybody could get FREE i1R 2 from Sept. 23rd to 30th on this sale. 

*O Fan Day Period

 VIP Early Access: 2021/9/23 20:00:00 EDT

O Fan Day Sale: 2021/9/26 20:00:00 EDT

End Date: 2021/9/30 23:59:00 EDT 

New Comer - Coupon Senter (Register an Account and then come into ‘My Account’)

Over 99 Save 10

Over 59 Save 5 

O Fan Day Activity - FREE GIFTS

Daily Lucky Draw Activity

Log in to get 2 opportunities to make a spin, then you may get a FREE ...

Seeker 3 Pro (Desert Tan)


Open Pro Purple


Omino White


Obulb MC(Brick Red)


O Fan Day Coin


O-Point 50


Olight Story Together Sharing Activity

Sharing the meaningful story with us and then you may get FREE ... 

Participate deserved: Olight Bag


Seeker3 pro Orange


Open Pro Orange


Obulb MC Orange


O Fan Day Sale

UP to 50%

FreyrBK +Obulb MC BK (Purplr Osling)

Freyr BK +i5R BK

Odin turbo BK Bundle Obulb MC BK (Purplr Osling)

Odin turbo Desert Tan Bundle Obulb MC BK (Purplr Osling)

Baldr IR + Obulb MC BK (Purplr Osling)

Baldr RL BK + Obulb MC BK (Purplr Osling)

 UP to 45% 

PL-Mini2 ODG+ i5R BK

RN 400+ Seemee 30+ Array 2S BK

  UP to 40%

Baldr Pro MIdnight Blue +  Obulb MC Brick Red (White Osling)

Baton3 White + Obulb MC White (White Osling)

OPEN PRO Purplr + Obulb MC Orange (Purple Osling)


Warrior X Turbo Grey Camouflage + I5R CU

S2R II White + Obulb MC White (Light Blue Osling)

Olantern mini Antique Bronze+i5R CU

Perun mini Kit(Yellow)+Obulb MC Orange (Orange Osing)


Seeker 3 Pro Desert Tan (Limited Edition)

Omino Orange + Obulb MC BK+ Obulb MC White + Obulb MC Orange + Obulb MC Brick Red (Pink Osling)

Warrior X Pro White (Limited Edition) + Obulb MC White (Light Blue)

Marauder 2 Antique Bronze + OLANTERN Mini Antique Bronze

Marauder 2  Desert Camouflage+ Perun mini Kit Yellow

 UP to 30%

Baldr Pro Midnight Blue (Limited 2021pcs All over the world)

Warrior Mini 2 Desert Tan

Baton3 White (Limited Edition)

OPEN PRO Purple (Limited Edition)

OPEN PRO Orange (Limited Edition)

OPEN PROTi (Limited 9999)

Array 2S BK

Warrior X Turbo Grey Camouflage (Limited Edition)

S2R II White (Limited Edition)

S2R II Lava Camouflage  (Limited Edition)

Olantern mini Antique Bronze (Limited Edition)

Perun mini Kit(Yellow)(Limited Edition)

SWIVEL Moss Green

Baldr S Matte BK

Baton 3 Dragon and Pheonix(Limited 9999)

Big Pack 45% OFF

Open Pro Ti+Baton 3 White +OLANTERN Mini Antique Bronze +i5R CU

Omino Orange + Seeker 3 Pro Orange + Open pro Orange+Obulb MC Orange *2 Orange Osling

Omino White+Obulb MC White+Warrior X Pro White+ Baton3 White+S2R II White白 Light Blue Osling

Facebook Activity -- Code & Coupon


Ocolor Activity on Facebook


Come to our group and see more details in it.

 (1) Ocolor Giveaway:  

2021/9/21 21:30:00 EDT ~ 2021/9/30 23:59:59 EDT

Get ** Code for(Over 100 Save 10) 

(2) Live stream:   

2021/9/22 21:30:00 EDT & 2021/9/24 21:30:00 EDT

Get ** Code for (Over 50 Save 5 )

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